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  1. Gameguard vs Antivirus. Disable your AV on launch, and reeanble it on pin screen. Or use AV temporarily disable for 5min and play. Let me know if that helped.
  2. @DomiSotto I mean to use the soulstone for crafting pickaxes, don't sell the soulstone as they are, unless 5 worth more than 2G. Which is the current pickaxe price. Those MST and SS makers with money hunger can't wait for a day on making pickaxe or getting quartz and won't mind spending gold on buying it to make their stone asap. You can always do the faction quests.
  3. @DomiSotto I ran in to one of those hardcore players at game early days, we were chitchatting, said he is bored, told him why not do one of the dailies. "I can't do daily anymore, already 40/40, this game is boring" .... o__O" Totally agree with you there. A high-end gears player called me noob last night, cuz I don't have the high gears yet. So I'm noob cuz I have life and chores and can't spend much time on a game? Seriously -_- Make pickaxes sliver or moonwater ones, you can either gather quartz or sell them as they are, it's one thing I found that crafted item actual
  4. ...Sorry... (Even if it can be tradable) Just upgrade your FM, trust me you will be siren ages before it become available :)
  5. @DomiSotto My friend couldn't beat the Jingashi boss at 4th floor. Running BM with 420ap and BSH SS. He pmed me asking me what to do hearing that all other BMs finds it easy and they can kill Junghado with lower gears. I helped him rebuild his skills, and taught him how to keep foes trapped in CC. Long pvp fight with broken weapons at Mushin tower :) After that, he went to try again, beaten all 6 floors to Junghado, couldn't beat him but was so happy that he can go their that easy now. Practice makes perfect. Don't give up. With our current gears his fight is challe
  6. You talking as if this game giving 5g just for login and 5g for each dungeon quest. Why would I buy materials of market? They will cost me more than the crafted item, I could just buy the stones and save the troubles. Noob friendly o_o...Yeaah, believe me, you are the first person I've ever seen saying this game is noob friendly. It can be friendly as you want as much as you pay real money for it ;) And yes it's game creators fault for not attracting/keep players on the game. Give them reasons, the only goal in this game is upgrading weapon, after hitting max, ther
  7. @DomiSotto Yeah, I wish they merge servers so we can enjoy more :( Lucky, you in a live guild, when and if I join a guild, it dies within a week or two. I can't solo some dungeons either, the pigstey is impossible, I watched videos over and over, and learned that I have to kill the mushroom at first boss to stop AoE poison, but it was nightmare, the ground turned all green, every pixel, no where to stand safe, even outside boss room! I searched for mushroom but there was non? Got 10 poison stacks and died, maybe dungeon got bugged, and tried again, and the same thing happened,
  8. @Cetra Sadly, but seem true, otherwise wouldn't 48 people disappear from my list. Even the one I played RU with for a year, the last person I thought would ever give up on this game, he did o_o @Taemek I'll ask them to help, but at my alt low gears, I'll need most if not whole SS set to cover me up. and it's rng so 4 or 5 run at least if lucky lol. Yes, my alt my problem, but don't forget the new players just hit 45. It's about the longevity of the game and how it's getting somewhat unplayable. @vita Players ? What players? I see no players on my ghost server :(
  9. @Yetan My point, it's a never end grinding, by the time you reach sliver frost, it's mostly will be dead. And the same scenario start again... @DomiSotto Sadly I am at starfall :( Clan can be an option if it wasn't a joke, looking at the requirement for most (90%) want lv +50 players, you think they would stop at lv, but no, they adding +ap450 as well, and it gets higher every week. Even if I find one that is nice of taking any players, as TheCreaper said, I don't like to trouble them "carrying" my low alt to get dungeon run. I could ask my 2 active friends, but real
  10. @Fatalyz Let me open the door for you to leave :) Thank you, learn some manners before you starting false arguments, disrespecting and calling people trash. To explain, I have no problems with game start, already know how this game works, but for those who just starting it, to get the hang on, it's difficult, I had to explain alot for friends that just started the game to save their charms and starter weapon/acc etc.. I don't see how it's easy to upgrade and get gold? Guide me. I'm struggling with dailies 24 6g and + mushin 1g =7g Maybe Naryu and other dungeon if had
  11. Referring that game used to have better friendly system, helping you to understand how this game work.
  12. Yes I think you might get lucky and find group of friends doing it. I was doing that BSH with one kfm I found waiting there. Just the 2 of us killing bosses with 5mil HP, taking hell of time. Talking in channel chat hopefully someone there hear us and join. But later he gave up on the twins cause we couldn't kill them, then waited over an hour to finally find those 2 that helped me doing it.
  13. I'm not quoting anyone. Let's say money isn't a problem, you can milk your main right? Or beg people. But gl soloing open world bosses, I doubt any "new players" will get past infernal as almost all open world bosses are abandoned as well. Not to mention rng and 2 keys. Here my poor alt I do the 24 dungeon for fast gold making, 6g in an ~hour, better than doing one lv50 dungeon/daily at time for -50s, that if people are ok for them to carry me on party with my low gears.. In other MMORPG you max your character stats before beating the game,
  14. Hi, Before starting a war please read the points I have. This game is no where noob friendly MMORPG. I've played the Ru before this one, which they use an early ver of the game. But I enjoyed that one waay better than this, here why. -Noobs friendly potions and hammers in Viridian and Cinderlands where 20c or less. Unsealing charms were sold at merchants for 15c, Moonwater hammers and charms are from dungeons and quests. This at least make the players understand how the game works before getting serious in Moonwater since it doesn't explain anything. Imagine a new pl
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