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Soul Shields end game


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Hello guys, I'm Giules and I decided to make a spreadsheet for all the end-game bopaes, if you have more stats that I haven't put on just make a screenshot and post it here :) Feel free to post if I have to modify/change/add smt since this is my 1st spreadsheet and I accept any comment :) glhf


This is not the final version since the game is still pretty new and I need more stats, use this as a base to compare with your own soul shields.


Link: Here


ATM Provides:

Blue Blackram Supply

Purple Blackram Supply

Edit: 21/01 Purple PvP ( Misty Forest )

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5 hours ago, Haixiu said:

thx mate this helps me a lot!


yw ^^ always glad to help some1 :3


1 hour ago, Krindor said:

Purple Blackram Supply 4 can have crit on it. I have one with 53 base.



Added ty ^^

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The Spreadsheet is still up and always refreshed every day/time I check the forum or if someone whisp me in game :) If you guys want other bopae stats that is currently up in game just ask for it and I'll provide it asap ^^

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