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  1. This ain't my only char you know and I know exactly how much less work it is now compared to before. All I'm saying is that there's no reason for them not to implement the salvaging of awakened siren/pirate weapon. Let's face it, most people who still have an Awakened Siren or Pirate weapon just came back to the game, I touched this char the day befor the patch. So most of these people are not going to be following tweets or streams, they'll go onto the website or maybe heard of it and read the evolution streamlining announcement which mentions 0 about awakened pirate/siren and you end up with
  2. You do realise the amount of work needed for this change is really low? Implement a change to turn numbers into different numbers isnt hard and now that they have a system it wouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to implement for awakened siren and pirate, that is lazy programmers. Also you do realise they implemented this not for the players but for their dropping revenue because they treat their players like shit? Also, these programmers also added a severe rootkit that acts like a malware so combined with that I have no reason to be thankful to them. Btw it was the support that told m
  3. Thanks, though this is why it's retarded, why are we supposed to waste time and money to either go from Awakened Siren(btw I'm on stage 5 so there's 2 steps for me) or having to level up a new Ivorymoon, when the previous step True Profane gives the exact same result as leveling it up to True Siren. All I can think of is lazy ass programmers, implementing this probably would've taken 5 maybe 10 minutes.
  4. So with the release of the new evolution streamlining we should be able to salvage "Any" weapon according to the information yet they decided that this does not include awakened Siren nor Pirate. In terms of pirate it's at least a gain to go to True Pirate in comparison to True Siren, but for awakened siren it's just better to go down to true profane as the True Siren just like the True Profane turns into Ivorymoon 10, the difference, the True Siren also salvages into 3 gold. Just upgrading from Awakened Siren to True Siren is about 20 times as much not to mention trying to get the weapons nee
  5. I'm currently sitting at mid gold. Sins aren't hard to play against but I don't know how many times I've lost game because I started tilting, after them running away in stealth and wait it out until it's just about to run out and then again go into stealth. They're just a boring class to play against. But same with destro/BD who all they do is spend half the game spinning.
  6. Thing about summoners is that they aren't PvP targets they are PvE targets so think of them more like a boss, like Junghado. Practice the setup learn the patterns of the cat and understand the class. The higher up you get the more summoners you'll see, hell the higher tier consist of like 30-40% summoners, but this also means that they will have less experience versus you than you'll have versus them. While yes it will be frustrating at first the reward will feel so much better.
  7. KFM and FM, currently the only class I would argue can't beat a SMN is BM.
  8. When I started PvPing I used to lose against summoners but the higher I got the more summoners I met. So the only way to get higher was to be able to beat them, after quite a lot of games I started winning against more and more summoners. Now they are more or less free beans simply cause I've learnt to play against them. Though still *cricket* that cat and it's ability to air combo you while you're air comboing the summoner.
  9. I've been 100-0 by BMs simply due to popping tab too early, it's definitely possible so you just gotta learn how to do this amount of damage. Yes summoners can't burn you fully within one grapple duration but as long as they don't get one shot themselves they will heal up.
  10. The playstyle against summoner is kill them before they kill you, defensive isn't going to help they are just going to heal through it.
  11. It changes from costing 2 focus to generating 3 focus and an additional 3 focus if it crits.
  12. I have no idea, from what I know the accessories made by Radiant Ring never really have any use as they don't have any affect on breakthrough or visual appearance. But I might be wrong, but that needs to be confirmed by someone who played on the other servers and even then if gold ever becomes useful considering it's a mat for lvl 45 items. So my biggest bet is to just not gather it until we get some recipes added that can utilize it.
  13. He means the material gold not the currency. My guess is that it is supposed to be used for the non-existant accessories that radiant ring can't make.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the 6-man Bloodmane have the same HP as 4-man? I finished 4-man with true profane and blackram SS as the highest DPS, so for 6-man where there are 2 additional damage dealers even True Infernal would work as a wep and still kill it in time. Though this of course includes that the DPS using it is actually skilled.
  15. https://twitter.com/BladeAndSoulOps They are aware and trying to solve it.
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