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  1. Well this is stupidly frustrating. Amazingly frustrating. My client crashes probably like 10% of the time during 4-man dungeons, and always RIGHT BEFORE the boss is about to die. I've crashed literally 10 seconds before Asura, Scorpion Queen, and Yeti have died in cross-server at least 4 times in the past 2 days. Why is this even a thing? My client never crashes when I do SSP, heavily populated events like GHS channel 1, and other heavy-duty situations in BNS. But SOMEHOW my client RANDOMLY decides to crash itself moments before bosses die in cross server dungeons. Not to mention I don't get to finish my daily quest, my party doesn't wait for me to pick up the loot because well, it's cross server dungeon and people have no respect or courtesy. Is this just me and if it is, how the hell can I go about preventing crashes in cross server dungeon? It's SO frustrating to spend 30 minutes in a 4man Asura run just to crash and miss out on my daily, loot and most importantly 30 MINUTES of my time for NOTHING in return. I swear to god BNS is the only game that crashes for me, and only in certain situations too.. It is very tilting and as you can tell I'm probably not playing the rest of the day because I cannot be bothered to spend another 30 minutes doing 4man Asura because I know it's going to f****ing crash again.
  2. How to prevent constant crashes?

    Still crashing, no support or proper answers given. I'm literally crashing every other dungeon, and right now my computer is sitting at a cool <50C while gaming. I just don't understand. Is it a memory leak? What the hell is going on? I've played since Closed Beta until now without ever crashing more than say.. once every 3-4 days. Now I'm crashing every 30 minutes, like what the actual heck? Edit) I haven't been able to complete Mushin 15F daily for two days in a row now because I keep crashing on one of the floors, this is SUPER frustrating. I am NOT going through 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14F just to crash at 15F for my daily.
  3. Wow somebody has custom profile pictures? Better ban him and not the Chinese botters or goldsellers!
  4. No idea what's going on but ever since yesterday I keep crashing during loading screens. The weather did get a bit hotter over the past few days.. could it really be my computer and not BnS? That's what some people told me. I'm so confused.. please help. I've never had crashes like these before.
  5. " You can even make most of the stuff in the store tradeable like making a 30 day premium voucher to trade and im sure you would get 10x more sales on it. " Exactly this
  6. Multiple characters viable for gold income?

    I do enjoy running the Big 4, POH24/6/4man, Misty Dailies - I guess I should buckle up and level another character to 45. Don't want to play just one class I guess.
  7. Well I spend a few hours per day on my Summoner doing dailies. But I feel like I have nothing to do afterwards. I usually don't do Blackwyrm & Ogre because those eat up so much time (that and I'm not in a big clan) - so I usually have a few more hours left over after that. Should I make another 45 to do dailies on for income? Does anyone else have multiple 45's that they do dailies on, and if so - how much time do you spend per day. And do you complete Blackwyrm & Ogre every day on multiple characters? Tell me your experiences with having multiple 45's. PS) Crying thinking about leveling another character to 45
  8. Clan name cooldown?

    The response I got was: it becomes available in 90 days. I think that coincides with one or two other responses I've seen. Time to mark May 1st, 2016 on my calendar! Hopefully I won't forget in 90 days.
  9. Clan name cooldown?

    What... are you serious? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard in regards to clan names ever. Ugh.. I'll send in a ticket myself to confirm 100% that the name is gone forever. I can't believe I disbanded the clan without checking up on this. Such a good name, just gone.
  10. Clan name cooldown?

    Well, I should've done some research. I had a clan name on my Summoner that I was saving for me and my friends, but I might have to change factions for the clan or something. I didn't think much about the cooldown and disbanded it right away - and now I can't recreate it again. I'm getting mixed answers from people, ranging from 1 week to 90 days.. does anybody know when disbanded clan names get freed up again? I feel like I've almost done a disservice to everyone because of how good the clan name was.. now it's like lost in time.