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Fix Your Errors NOW!!! This is Ridiculous


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Are you just going to sit there and tell us it's our own problem that we can't even patch/update your game?? 


Not to mention you don't have the patch continue where we've left off if we should get an error!!!


Many are getting this E02018 error ect. and your solutions to the problem didn't fix anything. Your tickets and auto-replies to people don't help.

Don't say "contact your internet service provider" as a scapegoat to the many potential players having this issue.

You're saying to all of us we should contact our internet provider the problem. 

Even the people who paid you have this problem. Some who have these errors never had a problem with your CBT either.

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While I was patching I don't even have Razer SDK in my task services, so it's not that issue either. I've tried almost everything. 2 out of 75 people "Liked" the support solution they posted. That's way more negatives than positive.

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