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  1. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    if there was a way to have bots where the faction outfits...I can dream
  2. How To Create a Clan

    need 50 copper and go to jadestone village its near where the bank is
  3. Disconnected from server. (1000)(132,10054)

    been getting this for the last hr or two...either trying to at the loading screen after getting in after a queue or trying to load in to a different area(the no responding thing shows up too)...before that was able to play for a good few hours.
  4. Streamer Promoting Gold Selling Site

    Yea I saw him report on twitch.
  5. Same error every time

    yup getting this too at the hideout...drop twice now and now in a queue. though tis not super bad on yehara...I hate getting dc and place on the queue for just trying to go into a place.
  6. [ Fix ] E02018 Error

    I added the zip folder inside $patch$ folder. Will try in a bit but where would I add it in the nclauncher folder?
  7. [ Fix ] E02018 Error

    the folder $patch$ in the bns folder is where I had placed them. and it worked in getting pass stage one of the download. I am in the game but I still have stage 2 stopping at 99% and giving me the e02018 error though I can log in and play. (once I get able to after que)
  8. [ Fix ] E02018 Error

    that where I placed mines...the bns folder one that has the patch folder
  9. [ Fix ] E02018 Error

    so far so good. I am at step 7, so we see once its downloaded it be alright. edit 1: blah ok stage one is pass..soo thank you for that let see if the next stage will do its thing
  10. Client error E2018

    been stuck as well. about to just give up on the whole thing till a fix happens or things died down. though if the launcher is still dumb after that then no hope really.

    good thing to know...and will tell others as well :)
  12. Game Downloader and Update Installer Issue(s)

    I am on my third try for the night...had the client at 9.6mb before it just start error the heck out. if I can get it to finish then will have to wait till after work...I hope.
  13. Fix Your Errors NOW!!! This is Ridiculous

    I am at the last 9.6mb to finish the download...and now the error is coming in secs after I hit update...this is my second attempt got closer this time but sigh.