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Something i'm really pissed off because there's no server transfer or something.


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I have Master Pack and I created my main (and all others characters) on Mushin. 


1. I just wanted the 2 doboks and I had to see me forced to take other items that came with them and now turns out that I can not get these items on a new server. However I was kinda "secure" that those items can be mailed but looks like not ALL of them can be mailed.

2. However, if I can mail those items, I can't enter to the server. I waited like 8 hours and nothing.

3. I created my guild there, if I delete it, it will be gone and I can't get the name again, and there's no way I can transfer it to another server. I honestly i don't like to leave my guild behind, it may be something stupid for most of the people but I have a certain affection for several reasons, even if only my boyfriend and I were there.

4. Sometimes I don't really like how some GM respond to the users. I know they sometimes can be tired, but their job is to stay calm and respond the best they can... or at least that's how I assume it is.


I create a character on Yehara and on Old Man Cho, I would like to stay on Old Man Cho with all my characters AND my guild with the name I put it on Mushin.
I really would like some Server Transfer or some solution to all this. I'm really tired at the moment and i don't even know if i want to play on NA again with all the problems, bugs and everything, at least until Mushin is playeable again, but thats not how things should be.


Sorry for my english, I tried to explain everything the best I can.

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