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Black screen


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So i am trying too play today for the past 1h and 15 min i had 5 crashes black screen and the monitor turn it self off its like it whet too sleep mode i can still hear youtube in the background listening too music. So can anybody help me ? i lowerd my settings too low and it still dose this.


Pc specs:

Motherboard: ASrock Z77 pro4-M

Procesor: Intel i5-3570K 3.40/380 GHz

Ram: 2x DDR 4 gig PC 1600 MHz

HyperX Graphic: GeForce GTX 660 TI

Disk: 1 TB WD SSD: 240Gig WD

Frame: ATX midi-Tower 600W LC Power PRO925B

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The only fix to that is, wait a couple of seconds before hitting ESC. It worked for me and is a known issue. Haven't had a black screen after using that method (I'm skipping them because I saw them all already).


Edit: sorry I thought you meant black screen when you get a cut scene and you hit esc immediatly.

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