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Super small mode CANT LOG IN!


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So I'm doing the tutorial and when I'm told to attack the dummies, I can't click them, I seem to have gotten in " click to move" mode. Right and left mouse buttons wouldn't fire like they should. So I go to settings and click reset thinking I might have changed something somehow, even though I never opened the settings window.  6qRAAMI


Instead of resetting everything it turned my play mode super small.  The settings window was too small to fix that way, so I logged out hoping a repair would fix, it didn't.  So now I can't log in because my OTP entry is too small.  I tried to find a settings.ini file to set the video resolution manually but couldn't find one that didn't turn to gibberish.


So help please.  Thank you.


edit- apparently insert image from url isn't working so here is picture  http://imgur.com/6qRAAMI

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Hey bud i was just about to tell you you're screwed lmfao!  but I have the solution my friend.  I had the same problem because i was trolling around with it lmao and forgot about loggin in with the pin.  Run blade and soul, when the game is up to the point where you type your pin in, you need to open up task manager.  Look for Blade and Soul in your processes tab, and double LEFT click it.  Another blade and soul process will appear under it.  RIGHT click that blade and soul and click maximize and you're free to log in m8.

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