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  1. I had that problem. You have to view image, then link that. Don't link the image site directly.
  2. ok, why I can't I insert images from url? Ahh, got it to work.
  3. This is what I was talking about. Got Regium Corvus not the Luna I think it looks cute.
  4. I got the regum corvus at the end not the night luna.
  5. People cry that they don't make enough. The fact is, it's not the price that is the problem but the lack of interest. If you a kid with $5 a week allowance then you can afford it just save up. If you can afford to put a roof over your head, then you can afford it. Just drink a couple less sodas a month. Really, being poor is an excuse not a vindication. If you were really poor you wouldn't be playing this game at all. The question is not the price, the question is does the item in question increase your enjoyment of the game enough to make the purchase worthwhile. That's why I stil
  6. It's about making money. Some watches are $150. Some are $500. And some are $500,000. People that have more money want a higher standard, and symbols that come with it. The people with $500,000 watches don't go around shoving their watch in other people's faces. It's probably hidden by their sleeve anyway. Not everything is them vs. you. A lot of it is just "them" being happy with themselves.
  7. Personally, I believe that there needs to be a larger assortment of outfits and a larger variety of prices. Some cheaper outfits, especially ones that are drops in game, and some significantly more expensive prestige outfits to appeal to those types of players. There should be something for everyone. Those that don't want to spend a lot on an outfit should have options, those that want a prestige item should have some high prices costumes and accessories available too.
  8. probably the site doesn't do a locality check.
  9. This is true from the observer's prospective. But if someone wants to just think highly of themselves for having a unique look then it might be worth it to them. In EVE there is a $50 monocle that people buy. And there a significant number of players that will hunt monocle wearing players down and blow them up for having a monocle in their avatar.
  10. What you have to understand is that value is not absolute and therefore prices are not absolute. Some people think $10 is too much to pay for shoes, other people think a pair of shoes must have something wrong with it if it costs less than $150. The truth is, the belief that cheaper = more sales is an oversimplification. Statistics show that sometimes you need to raise prices to create a sense of value. I worked at a hotel that dropped prices below $40 to get more customers, but most of those customers were riffraff that trashed the place, and a lot of the good customers would g
  11. quest update. You need to activate the next stage of the quest.
  12. I've had games with a 24 hour control and it was annoying but acceptable. 7 days is too much.
  13. OMG the big yellow sign of doom. Only goes away when you get the update, no way to acknowledge it and make it disappear. Was highly annoying. More annoying in Chinese. Press m to open map, but pressing m to open the map didn't make the message go away. BIG stupid message. There was another one in the third area, but haven't had any others. Some UI issues though. Why is the Party health meter so HUGE? I want some way to resize it smaller. It could easily be 1/10 as big and convey all the relevant info.
  14. Too bad you're not on my server Mauve. You seem pretty cool.
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