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  1. Pet name restrictions?

    Hello, My summoner is under 15, so I'm thinking about just recreating her. But I'd like to keep the pet name. If I recreate, will the pet name be available again? Thank you.
  2. Founder Pack Titles Gone.

    Yup, founders titles all gone. Please fix.
  3. pve/dung build?

    Why would anyone want to build dung?
  4. Warlock weapons are cool

    Err, no. If you don't know how their stuff works, then you don't know that SQL will work, or which version. Without knowing how they are set up, you don't know if there is a single comprehensive database or no proper database at all. All we know is that NCSOFT didn't feel it was worth the effort.
  5. Warlock weapons are cool

    It was an economical solution. Which I'm sure the CEOs consider the cheap solutions the smart ones.
  6. Warlock weapons are cool

    They didn't put weapons in game. They failed to take the weapons out. They obviously ported a post-warlock version of B&S, and they deactivated the warlock because that was easy to do. Having someone go through the loot tables and deactivate all the warlock drops was apparently not worth the money, especially when the plan was to implement warlock shortly later, and then they would have had to pay someone to go through the loot tables again and reactivate all the warlock weapons. Burn the weapons or salvage them.
  7. Best soulshields FM

    This forum moves slowly. Why are you bumping a thread that is still on the front page?
  8. FM PVP Gear and tips please!

    Destroyers wreck me every time. I still don't see how to get them below 80%
  9. FM PVP Gear and tips please!

    In Arena pvp yes. In Open World no.
  10. Super small mode CANT LOG IN!

    thank you.
  11. New Here

    there is at least one brilliant key that comes in a survey, two I think.
  12. The bots are now here

    What's sad is they are completely failing to reach their target demographic.
  13. New Here

    Premium don't get gold from mobs. Premium gets increased coin. The only time a Premium gets coin off a mob that a free user would not, is when the loot is less than 1c. Then the premium bonus seems to bump this up to a 1c minimum. So premium players get 1 copper when a free player gets none only in a low number of fights. This only happens at low levels and probably only amounts to 100c before the free players get high enough for the mobs to drop a copper. Most of the coin comes from dailies, trade, and other quests. I don't think any mobs drop gold. The premium "gold" bonus is 100%-150% so no one is getting rich from combat coin.
  14. Flame palm tree

    Ok, I use impact a lot for the block. Am I screwing up other FMs in party then? I actually don't spec much in Flame Palm at all, skill points are pretty tight.
  15. Cool. Thank you for the update.