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  1. I had that problem. You have to view image, then link that. Don't link the image site directly.
  2. ok, why I can't I insert images from url? Ahh, got it to work.
  3. This is what I was talking about. Got Regium Corvus not the Luna I think it looks cute.
  4. I got the regum corvus at the end not the night luna.
  5. quest update. You need to activate the next stage of the quest.
  6. I've had games with a 24 hour control and it was annoying but acceptable. 7 days is too much.
  7. OMG the big yellow sign of doom. Only goes away when you get the update, no way to acknowledge it and make it disappear. Was highly annoying. More annoying in Chinese. Press m to open map, but pressing m to open the map didn't make the message go away. BIG stupid message. There was another one in the third area, but haven't had any others. Some UI issues though. Why is the Party health meter so HUGE? I want some way to resize it smaller. It could easily be 1/10 as big and convey all the relevant info.
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