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Error 104


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I really hope you can help me. :<

A friend of mine bought the Initiate Pack some month ago and also attended several alpha / closed beta weekends.

Everything worked fine for him until the headstart.

He downloaded the new client, installed and updated it, but cant log in.

He keeps getting error 104 "cant connect to server".

No idea what to do... can't find a solution.

The key is applied and activated, so it should work (It also shows that he redeemed the 20,800 Premium Points.)


I bought the same pack on the same day and can play just fine...

Hope somebody can help me / us. :3

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There is no support documentation on this, nor can I find an answer on the forums or on Reddit.

There are at least 5 other people with the issue.

Your best bet is to raise a support ticket at support.bladeandsoul.com - they're there 24 hours.

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I was told that if you use the wildstar authenticatior just to use the same code you use for that and it shouldn't give you that error. I tried it the first time and it worked for me. heres exactly what they told me.



Hello there,

Thank you for contacting us.

The OTP Authentication key you are receiving in Blade and Soul is the same as the 2-step Authenticator found in your WildStar account. If you have the 2-step Authenticator linked to your WildStar account, your Blade and Soul account will automatically have the same.

If you don't have access to your Authenticator any longer, you can unlink it from your account management page:

Once unlinked, you will no longer be prompted for your Blade and Soul account, however you will be asked to set up a PIN as a replacement.

For more instructions on how to unlink this security feature, please check out this article on our support website:

If you experience any further issues, please let us know.


NCSOFT Support Team


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