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  1. This goes for level 10,20 and 30 as well. Again don't put the robe on until your 45 which is what you are saying. Thanks for making the point of this post evident and clear, PVP is broke until level 45.
  2. Who? I mean who? Who knows this? Who? You get a cool robe you are a newb and you put it on. You die over and over... I bet most people don't even know how to stop the ganking after they put it on.
  3. Again people... to have a fair pvp fight you have to rush to end game... I don't even enjoy the quests. I just hit FFFFFFFF. No reading run dash go next. Burn through it. The whole point is someone who wants to have fair pvp has to go to end game as quick as possible. That burns the content
  4. And you see no problem at all with this?
  5. AA has its problems and it killed its possibilities. This game is worse. I have never seen a level 9 vs level 45 fight on any game ever. Oh hey I got a cool faction robe. Lets put this on. Gank... dead X.X Gee this is a great game. How stupid.
  6. By the way the BS PVP arena, does not hand out all the skills gained from level 30 to level 45. So I don't think its fair either, just saying. Its a cluster. PVP is broken in this game at launch and its probably making a bad impression.
  7. Okay, obviously nothing but fanbois here. Good luck with your game, everything is obviously fine with level 45 vs level 9. No problems at all.
  8. BY the way arche age is dying for similar reasons. PVP for the new players with no gear is a joke.
  9. Not now, but it was at launch. And I have good gear so its fine for me.
  10. Really? Get you PVP dailies done? Got your Serpents Bell? You must be awesome. Never run in to a level 45 while doing your dailies? Either you are super lucky or a total liar. No way you stand a chance against a level 45. And they are handing out in the desert, stomping everyone trying to get their quests done.
  11. I still play Arche Age. That game has a lot to it. Ships, trade packs, castles etc... Server merge was less than 18 months. I love that game, I can swap out mys skill sets and make a new class anytime I want. Arche age will outlast this game. This game has potential. I just don't see a balanced pvp system. Thousands of people are getting their faces stomped by level 45s. I'm going to level, others will quit and never look back. This game with its targeting system has a huge learning curve for the traditional player base. The "pve care bears" will burn through the content a
  12. Tons of people are playing now. PVP is pretty much broken for anyone less than level 45. We all are in a rush to end game. We will enjoy the gank fest as long as we can at 45. We will do the dailies and arena, and all that PVP can offer. Then (after a few months) everyone will get bored, quit and move on. The servers will merge, some sort of new life will come into play with a new expansion pack, and then Blade and Soul will go the way of Aion... all within 18 to 24 months. Sorry guys, great game and great fun. But this game was meant for PVP. And players are content. Play
  13. I am playing arena at level 22. You really think I should go to end game to find out if I can escape a root? What if I can't? I just wasted several days of my time. Anyone have the real answer? I won 2 out of 4 matches. I won the first two. The last 2 were against 2 different force masters using the same technique. Root with ice, then run behind. I realized at that point its a real thing, more than one person has figured out the flaw.
  14. I will check to see if SS works to get out of this, and then punt the game to the corner if it does not. Building a game with a FPS based targeting system, and then rooting a player so he cannot target anything is a sure fire way to frustrate the entire player base.
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