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  1. I am playing arena at level 22. You really think I should go to end game to find out if I can escape a root? What if I can't? I just wasted several days of my time. Anyone have the real answer? I won 2 out of 4 matches. I won the first two. The last 2 were against 2 different force masters using the same technique. Root with ice, then run behind. I realized at that point its a real thing, more than one person has figured out the flaw.
  2. I will check to see if SS works to get out of this, and then punt the game to the corner if it does not. Building a game with a FPS based targeting system, and then rooting a player so he cannot target anything is a sure fire way to frustrate the entire player base.
  3. So this game uses a player targeting system instead of tab target. The force master can glue your feet to the ground with and ice blast of some sort then run behind you and hit you. As an assassin you can't target the enemy and use any of your skills. This is broken. So I have two choices. Option 1 re-roll force master and take advantage of this glaring problem until it gets fixed (if it ever gets fixed). Option 2 cut my losses and find a new pvp game. Bottom line its a n easy win in pvp arena as a force master. The way to win is to use the ice blast, freeze the enemy to the
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