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  1. Mastery Pack new soul and pet

    I did ask pretty much the same thing to support and they said that Game Dev decided they wouldn't be upgradeable so its not their position to do anything about it.
  2. If I say MOML and people still bid on boss 1 it gives me no confidence that I will get my loot on boss 2. So its a trust thing for me if you cant leave the loot alone on boss 1 how can I trust that my loot will be left to me on boss 2? Its a risk to use the Orb in a party if you have no demonstrated evidence that people can leave the loot be.
  3. I purchased the Mastery bundle just before the update to the game and this changed the mastery bundle. The new bundle got the same pet and soul as the old bundle but the new ones are upgradeable, but in every other regard they are the same. Was it an oversight that the old ones were also not updated to be upgradeable too as this makes a huge difference to the soul and pet slots? If I had payed the same amount of money a week later I would have a pet and a soul that will stay with me forever rather than a pet and soul that I can salvage for WAY less materials than it would take to upgrade a new soul or pet to the same standards. I don't mind about the other bits but this feels like a huge waste of money now to have bought the mastery pack a week before the update...