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  1. Finally the outfit is available. I wanted it since it matches good with the hair color I chose (imo)
  2. I can see it now that you mention it. =P Now I like her even more lol.
  3. Well, these are only a few reviews. I have also seen some sites where it got scores ranging from 75 to 85.
  4. Yea and if I am being honest, all MMORPGs I played (WoW, Aion, Warhammer Online, Age of Conan, Guild Wars 2) had outdated graphics from the start. But that's fine, I don't need Crysis-like graphics, just give me some pretty character models and nice gameplay like Blade & Soul has.
  5. Uhmm, what lol. Show me these "many" other MMO's pls.
  6. I think I am gonna buy this outfit today. Looks amazing on a curvy Gon.
  7. I want this outfit. Too bad I will never be able to get it. =( Your Gon is awesome.
  8. My Force Master with the same Outfit as my Destroyer, but in red not white. =P
  9. Eh.. Lyn and hot? You mean cute right? How can a Lyn be hot lol.
  10. Finally got the outfit I wanted. Third Picture = Lyn perspective. :3
  11. Second one imo! Good to know thanks. I only play Gon, so no Warlock for me. =P
  12. Anyboy know something? Nobody wants to answer me ingame.
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