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  1. Launcher isn't downloading the game

    I have a similar issue as well. Does it look like this?
  2. Problem with fabrics

    Costumes obtained via in-game means aren't salvagable at all. This is most probably an in-game translation error. The only ones you can salvage for Fabrics would be the ones from the NCCoin / Hongmoon Store, and it's dumb imho.
  3. Try running the game. If it doesn't work, r/s your computer and then try again :)
  5. Yup. It's usually advisable to have the latest software updates! Glad it helped for you :)
  6. 1) Upon opening the Start Menu, type in 'msconfig' in the search bar and press Enter. 2) The System Configuration should pop up 3) Go to the 'Services' tab, sort the list according to the first alphabet of the service name (By clicking on 'Service' label), and then search for Razer Chroma SDK Service. 4) Tick the box beside it to enable it, and then restart to ensure that the process is running.
  7. Delete your GameGuard folder in the directory, and you should be able to bypass the 4049 error! Make sure the BNS Client.exe isn't running though.
  8. Hi! Just disable the processes after you got in-game!
  9. Try deleting your GameGuard folder. I've detailed this in my earlier post!
  10. I may have crashed myself then. Can't help you other than this, sorry @_@;; Try submitting a ticket detailing the solutions you've tried so far. c:
  11. Try r/sing your computer after enabling!
  12. Yeah uh, seems like this fix isn't everything. Just crashed while going on my second daily dungeon ROFL. That gave me an idea though, what if we enable them to bypass the game crash, and then disable them when we're in-game?
  13. Could you two try the following: 1) Deleting the GameGuard folder in your BnS/bin directory folder, and 2) Running a File Repair?