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  1. You're wrong. Destroyers make up the least of almost every server population, eu an na alike. I get how people are entitled to their own opinion its just that they sound less foolish and more rational when its an informed opinion. Just my two cents.
  2. If only the game's community reflected the ESRB rating, majority of forum's pointless rant threads would not exist. Sadly we cant all have what is needed.
  3. You ****need to understand that the max cap hasn't hit yet so there are moves for some classes that balance them with the rest which are not available yet. Some classes get their moves that balance across the class spectrum earlier than other classes, so right now they're considered OP....but if its one thing I learned its this bns forum community lacks foresight and is unable to see the end game or bigger picture in almost every aspect so I'm not surprised by yet another useless child rant. RIP common sense.
  4. ArcheAge did something similar near BnS release date...double XP and gold earnings from the 19th of january until month end. Its how competition works. Without competition businesses wouldn't put much effort into having sales or specials because they know their customers have no other alternative seller of the wanted service/product. Simple economics, grow up.
  5. I would hate to think she's lying tho. Maybe shes just parroting what was told to her by NCSoft's staff/technical staff and sincerely doesn't know better. Maybe not everything is in europe which they led us to believe but I get your point, a half truth is always a lie.
  6. This. Though what really annoys me, besides bad server maintenance and poor game optimization that shows up fullest when doing pohran or mysterious man etc, is the majority of the community. I purposefully picked eu because I thought the players were a little more civilized and reasonable but they're not. Its the same shit as in NA, everyone getting hypo as you mention doing something different or alternative to their original plan.
  7. Majority of members on this forum are ridiculous, absent minded to say the least. They want the gold spammers and scammers gone but when a solution is presented they mope and weep....BnS community == Sro community. Fail.
  8. Right now the rate is 1g to 67 nCoins
  9. Dont they like, totally teach spanish in like, highschool and stuff?
  10. You people in this forum are so dammed funny, just last year november BD was one of the OP builds among destroyer and summoners. Just one skills patch has been made and now theyr'e nerfed? Cute. Cancerous people. Also, rip english.
  11. My 18 year old brother does the same stuff...father still calls him "kid" or "milk" lol.
  12. Dont have lag issues...everything runs fine here in starfall crater...and to be honest goks i dont even think customer support knows what the hell is going on.
  13. I doubt they'll bundle it with useless shit like they did with valentines outfit. Bundled costumes will most likely be for event of some sort...hmmm...coming to think of it I wouldnt be surprised if they bundled this in some bullshit easter package for 2k ncoins. Sadly, I'd still buy it, its a must have on my list. I like the valentines shirt outfit but sadly not enough to burn 2k ncoin on.
  14. For argument sake there is a male dark angel outfit xP
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