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  1. Maybe buy over this one. And buy this one if its not gettable ingame.
  2. Yh kinda take it back. Bow tie does look good.
  3. Logged in and got it in mail today. I think its a horrible addition to a perfectly good outfit. Most likely they're trying to lure people into buying the bunny ears...which I may have done except my hairstyle doesn't go with it.
  4. Good. Lesson learned. Whats the lesson you ask? Dont throw money at everything you see xD
  5. Got same prob but no warning... Meh guess that counts as warning.
  6. U dont need to start and account with them. I dont have an account with them and i use imgur. Step 1: http://imgur.com/ Step 2: Click on blue tab in top left page saying "upload images" Step 3: Pick and option, be it drag & drop, browse your computer, paste from clipboard or enter image url. Most pick browse your computer I think you should too since ss is in there. Step 4: Pick your images and upload. Step 5: After upload they will show preview of images uploaded, right click each image and click copy image, then paste in forum reply box...link will show the image. Then, you
  7. Yes...its my over sized boob queen again xD
  8. ^^ Pretty much it actually. I don't get the keyboard warrior tactics though. Further fortifiy this point by saying its the same reason I could ask why people play lyns or yuns that actually have features that are near non existent and even outright strange but I think I see why the person asked in the first place, had no idea they're female. And my point that flew over their head was that certain costumes make busts look bigger/smaller. Didnt know you weren't aware of this but you play a lyn so I guess you weren't after all.
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