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  1. Yeti weapon drop rate

    Yeah, and thats 1/27th at best. In my exp if you are Class A, you will get at least Class-Weapons for two other Classes of B-G with a higher droprate before you get your own. E.g. as Summoner the droprate for Destro- and KFM-Weapons is higher than your own, or something like that. But that could be selective perception on my part.
  2. WT* is on with ingame Marketplace

    Is there any ingame-cache-emptying-function, you mean? To reiterate my statement: in all the months I played Blade and Soul now, NEVER did the marketplace work. Always this "temporarily not available". I don't use a proxy. I have a fairly common internet-setup(for germany) with DSL PPPoE and a Router from my ISP(yeah, hate that too, but somehow I didn't do the small hassle of packing a router behind it. And I move soon anyway :P)
  3. WT* is on with ingame Marketplace

    Hi, I have something similar. Normally I had just asked friends to use the marketplace for me. Maybe I had some hope the problem fixes itself. Is there a ticket system or bug report system at NCSoft, where I may be able to submit more concrete Data (of my account, Network-Connection or something)? This is the state of my marketplace since the start of the game (I started one or two days after public release):
  4. Yeps, thanks, you two. Did finally see it yesterday. And it seems the slots are an relatively cheap 400 NCoins. I expected more 10-15 EUR than 5. Very nice. But an overall Character-Limit of 7? O_o THAT I don't really understand. But whatevs, enough for the time being.
  5. ==~ Pwanda's Arts ~==

    O_o Your summoner looks awefully nicely drawn. Nice work. Wonderful love to detail, nice texturing imho. And very good perspective: I would dare to say that you can see your realism-background. And Watercolour is just nice for being water-colour and still looking good, although I don't personally like that chars face, sorry. But I very much like how you used the water-colour-features for the legs, or more exactly the trousers.
  6. What class did you decided to main?

    Can't decide yet. And since I was too late (or undecisive ;P) for Founder's Pack and don't wanna create multiple NCSoft-Accounts I am kinda f*cked in trying out Classes, if I don't want to pull them all to 15 or whatever to delete them. Started with Force Master. The whole mechanics that combines Ember-Counters, Focus, Enemy-Status, Frost/Fire-Stance seems very nice and deep. Reminded me a bit of both TheSecretWorlds (resource-management) and LOTROs Warden (the combo-system) which both are very nice MMOs in that respect. And you can also just ignore all that and just burn and freeze on since the interface makes it obvious which Options you have (esp. if you burned all your focus and the options are a bit limited ;P) and since you dont need power-gaming with the most-effective Stuns-Timing, Resource-Management a.s.o. when you are questing, (at least till about Lvl 10. dont know if it gets much harder after that, but I don't really expect it while questing. You probably can go around not really knowing what you are doing and still just burn and freeze just in a beautiful way ;P) --- €dit (some Assasin or a swift Lyn stole the last half of my sentence it seems): , it all seems smooth. I like the FM. But wanna try Sin AND Summ at least too. But can't. And now I can't decide which should be my 2nd class. :/ /€dit ---
  7. Hidiho, cudos for this game. (aside from the disappointment with the Mayor-Story-Thingy for example, and that you don't seem to be able to enable original audio since subtitles are available anyway. And I didn't even play another Version before, but that Moment in the Well seemed totally off. And after I read about it, it was clear that it wasn't this bullshitty in the original. Wouldnt a more direct "just-Translation" be a lot easier, than seemingly forking it for the NA/EU-markets? But sry, TL;DR ignore all that, I will start a new Topic on that probably) imho the founder-packs were fricking awesome. But since I didn't play GW because the whole style and atmosphere didn't get to me at that time, and so I was ofc very sceptical in paying money for a game I didn't even play 1minute. Since that is very rare in these days, in my exp. (thankfully we often have Demos and all those F2p-models) Also imho the signature-packs are totally shitty in relation to that. I don't really mind that you give the people, who gave you their trust and money earlier on in the project, nice benefits, but now I'm even more sad that I missed the opportunity of buying a founder's pack. So my questions are: Do we already know when new Packs will be available? Same with buying Character Slots. Any idea when we will be able to buy them? Any interal gossip about the price-range we have to expect? (yeah, yeah, I can do more F2P-Accounts, but I dont like that, and I am a 1st-worlder who kinda wants to give back at least something to the guys and girls who made this.) Thanks in advance and for your work in general.