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  1. Show off your characters!!

    Jhin Soyu from Poh! :-) Bat girl
  2. Disconnected from server.(3000)(132,10060) error

    I keep dc'ing whenever I go into dungeons. I can't farm anything right now. Please help :(
  3. PSA: The New Hairstyle is Broken

  4. Essences drop from bosses.

    First dps place and last hit? When I was farming Lycan, my friend would sometimes get up to 4 essences..cause he got first dps and the last hit.
  5. Well I already downloaded the BDO character creation program so no desire to play that game...lmao I'll probably try it out but will continue to play BnS. Haven't been treated this well by an mmo ever since Vindictus fked me in the ass and took my car.
  6. How lucky! Well kinda.

    Nice!! I'm so jealous...that outfit looks so good.
  7. Opinions on eye color?

    Brown makes your character look more softer/innocent. Red looks scary lol.
  8. Hope everyone gets it soon. My bf and I farmed it last night for 3 hours and didn't get squat until today. We farmed it with a friend for over an hour and got the entire set for all 3 of us. Might help if you stop for the day if your rng is on a shit streak. :-/
  9. Daily dash Lock.

    lmao I like u. You are funny
  10. Master loot abused in Cross-server Dungeon

    I don't get why it's shit. You said it yourself, you only run with friends/guildies. So how would this auction system impact you if you guys decide who gets what and pay a fee that's divided among your friends/guildies? It's basically the same thing as a guild master choosing who gets what like lmao. It's only shit when some a-hole decides to keep the loot all for himself.
  11. Master loot abused in Cross-server Dungeon

    Why is there even an option like "Master Loot" in the first place? Never seen that before.
  12. Show off your characters!!

    Aw poop is it? I'm not too sure either. I was hoping it was open to Kun as well.
  13. Show off your characters!!

    My KFM and Summoner :3 Hoping to make a Kun Warlock and a Destroyer soon
  14. Hi, I purchased some keys from the cash shop but I can't find them anywhere. Also, my chat lag has been severely lagging; to the point where I can't talk to my party members and have to resort to whispering.