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  1. Server Transfer?

    Will you guys be offering Server Transfer anytime soon free or other wise... Logging in and playing on a server i may see 10 people on a day is kind of getting ridiculous either offer server transfers or merge some servers FFS....
  2. Assassin Help Pls

    Ok so im trying to figure out what the skill is that allows you to dive behind a enemy from a good distance away and stealth behind them.... I cant for the life of me find the shit or it could be im exhausted after 48 hours straight playing lol...
  3. Assassin Help Pls

    Yes that is it but does it actually have a skill name?
  4. The Spam Seriously

    You know this is crazy everytime someone opens a topic about the spam it gets deleted! So let me get this right you dont want us spamming the forums about the spam but its ok that you allow the gold sellers to spam us in game? HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? Im convinced that Ncsoft must get a percentage from these gold spammers or something because they are even allowing them to spam the forums with it and it doesnt get deleted but our begging them to do something about the spam so we can actually use the *cricket*ing chat for what it was intended for is a problem....
  5. The Spam!

    The spam is insane! You couldnt ask a question if you needed to! NCSoft please put a spam filter on chat! If you post more then a certain amount say 10 times in 10 seconds a you get a 10 minute chat ban.... Something needs to be done about it.....

    Wth i went to bed last night level 31 and logon now and im level 26? WTF?

    Ty i logged in and all was well.... I jumped the gun lol
  8. Tired Of It

    Im so sick of people defending NCsoft (Or ANY company) over this. People saying stop complaining about queues but they take the time to complain about others complaining? OK GG! There is NO excuse in 2016 you can use for what is going on with the Queue times. People keep talking about WoW and blizzard but if you remember Blizzard had 10 new servers up the next day to fix this issue! We are not talking about a POOR company NCsoft is a billion dollar company. Personally i think this was all planned to get as many people to purchase there so called PACKS as they could only now people who have purchased are still sitting in Queues that are 200 to 500. Frankly im over it and uninstalled ill just continue playing Black Deserts beta till it ends on the 22nd then find something else to occupy my time.
  9. Found the answer!!

    Im currently on the beta which ends the 22nd bro i promise you you wont regret that 30 dollar purchase for BDO!
  10. Queue is BS!!!

    As usual all NCsoft games are full of nothing but bots and NCsoft never does a damn thing about it.... Im so glad i didnt pay for a founders pack because of what happened to lineage 2! I think ill just stick with Black Desert!
  11. Show off your characters!!

    Even tho ill never get to play him....
  12. Queue time lying?

    Lmao im playing Path Of Exile while i wait...
  13. Queue time lying?

    I played vanilla WoW beta and alpha and it wasnt even the shit storm this is.... When you do get on after waiting hours you get crashed by lag and then have to wait again. This is exactly why i didnt buy a founders pack for this game because i knew NCsoft would be releasing it and drop the ball as usual....