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  1. Bye BNS EU/NA

    And you are no better than those people. There was no need for you pointing that out. Anyways OP, enjoy it man. It's still interesting that you want to still play, just not our version. Maybe eventually we will have horizontal patch upgrades.
  2. The problem that I can foresee is that the content will dry out. I don't think NA is capable of going outside the box and producing more content to feed our hunger. The decisions will be made on Asia's shoulders, in turn, will affect us. I will say that this is a good turn of events. And hopefully NA gets away from the wow clones, and start producing more unique mmo's. Asia has created an even better bns/aion called Revelations Online. They took the best of both systems and maximized on it. There mmo genre's are getting better and better. The west seems to still be stuck in time. I think bns will be out for some time. I don't think it will have the longevity that wow has. But we just need western developers to take notices and don't be scared to try new things.
  3. Just want to get players opinions

    I would suggest that the blue dungeons end box has a guarantee 1, and there is a low chance of getting 2-3. Purple dungeons should give you 2, with a chance of 3-4. I haven't decided if its the first dungeon everyday/week. These stones should also be obtained from a coin exchange vendor where you can trade x amount of moonwater valor stones. The last thing is lower the damn market on all prerequisites for these things.
  4. [suggestion] Battlegrounds

    This should be in the pvp forums. But I would really love this as well.
  5. I really hope you aren't this lazy in life. And why would you want to play an rpg with no progression checks? There are other genre's for your kind.
  6. Need more feminine outfits for males

    How the heck do you get calling names, generalizing, and stereotyping me on topic? You can't even realize what was deleted. SMH.
  7. Need more feminine outfits for males

    Failed twice on that, and got a report out of it. Good for you!!!!!
  8. Loot Auction needs class restriction.

    People will call it how they see it. You should know that. I was hoping some sense can be made. Also your "working" is flawed. If you already did the work to get to the end of the dungeon, how is that worse then "not working" through a button press to auction off other things. You don't need to have an auction when in fact a need/greed option would suffice. You are sticking up for something that is not even needed, and not wanted.
  9. Loot Auction needs class restriction.

    Says the guy who is forgetting about the free loot you get from the boxes that you didn't pay for. SMH. And since when is auction classified as "working" for it. You sound ignorant. You sound like, Oh i am working my left finger to hit a button, then wait to hit it again, and thats working. What? You need to get out in the real world if you call that working dude. Its a loot system not work......lmfao.
  10. Show off your characters!!

    My Force Master, My bae, My bns life!!!
  11. She's beautiful.. ?

    I like some chocolate in my vanilla...so its a meh to me.
  12. Taking it out makes me a sad kung fu panda :(
  13. Loot Auction needs class restriction.

    The amount of money you get doesn't justify the bidding against people to get it. It is still RNG with it now, so I don't know what you are talking about. I don't know you in real life, but maybe you like auctions. Maybe an ebay fan? Nope I like buying my products outright. I can get more money from selling the stuff I did get then any auction would provide. And you still get your main loot from a box after accepting it in your quest log, which is much more valuable than the auction money you get.
  14. Omg Omg this is so bad!

    Sounds like you went to a fake site and got your identity stolen. I hope that is not the case though.