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  1. I know for a fact that I want it back. :c My upgrading is at a complete standstill as I have no soulstones, and if I buy them upgrading costs more than just the 20g version, sitting on about 1,5K gold and not being able to buy elements or jewels bugs me a lot. If not at least have both ways.
  2. PSA - Frozen Firing Range

    Also be sure to bid because from the daily and DC itself you won't even have enough for the hexa, let alone the hepta
  3. Ap

    I understand all to well (back when I had low AP), I actually created a community for new/low ap players to dispel this crappy myth that you need high ap. We have people teaching mechs, how to play your class, and pvp. Also here's a list of the ACTUAL ap requirements. Note: These are all rough estimates, and base AP = YOU MUST KNOW MECHS 6 Member Parties Lair of The Frozen Fang: 400AP Avalanche Den: 400AP (FM highly recommended) Awakened Necropolis: 400AP Sundred Nexus: 450AP Sogun's Lament: 450AP Gloomdross Incursion: 500AP The Shattered Masts: 500AP As for the community our discord id is RtEdAdW
  4. Helping new players

    We're at 43 actives at the moment across all servers NA, EU, and SEA right now <3 So don't be intimidated
  5. Helping new players

  6. Helping new players

    I recently started a Discord full of people dedicated to help new players if anyone is interested, we do xserver, ceru, crimson, we're Switzerland basically and trying to help people not feel overwhelmed or lost. The Hub is a place for all Blade and Soul players to not feel lonely or overwhelmed by all these AP requirements and whatnot, trying to design a community to help others as they need, get help in return, helping you learn dungeons, learn about your weapons and upgrades and which is best at the time etc. A place to bring unity, bring us together as a community since I see everyone scattered all over the place. c: So if you're interested feel free to whisper me in-game for an invite, or if you just need help in general regardless of AP, I can try to steer you in the right direction. c: Currently we have English speakers, Spanish, and Mandarin
  7. To protect your accounts, change your password to something like ha35463v9z89wat and write it down and keep it in your wallet or something, also deactivate authorized IP so if a hacker spoofs to your IP they won't be able to login without you getting an email with a code to login. Also every 90 days change your email back and fourth because when you do that it'll lock your ability to change for 90 days so you will always have access to your emails, and make sure to keep them safe. c: It is unknown if they're able to inject a keylogger or if they use some noob brute force method, and have your login launcher remember you so that way you never have to type in your email so they won't get ahold of that anyway, make it something not related to your game, like mine is "" sometimes but I never have to type it in so they'd just be guessing.
  8. Removed profile pictures?

    Why? It isn't a gif, it isn't porn or anything bad like copyrighted stuff, even my normal ones were removed xmx I see a ton removed that were also normal and I still see a few with copyright images still up..
  9. We are a roleplay clan looking for more family, currently level 4, with 39 members. Our brother clan is Broken Oath. We want to just have fun RP, and we'll help level and PvP. ^w^ *holds out a cookie*
  10. Really NcSoft? Chat is broken.

    Guild chat isn't working for me :c
  11. Show off your characters!!

    I know.. fabulous isn't he. <3
  12. Lyn is best race

    Fluffy tails c:
  13. As of 2 hours ago if you're getting this error, the servers are down for maintenance.
  14. Queue time lying?

    That's very odd, I kept crashing so I decided to buy premium for 7 days until I can resolve and then if I liked I'd just continue renewal of it, anyway it said for my server 7 premium and like less than a second later I got logged in. Maybe do a reset of your router and such?