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  1. As the title says, it's really starting to bug me that they are wasting time and effort changing things that don't have any reason to be fixed, meanwhile other issues that I would consider a serious issue remain present. I don't know if anyone has ever done this, but the giant center building in Bamboo village was previously climbable, and offered a cool place to hang out. To my dismay, nearly the entire building has been given an invisible barrier preventing you from getting anywhere near the top. It really confuses me because there is literally no issue with a building to be climbable in my opinion. Why give us wall climbing in the first place if you're going to put invisible barriers around the cool, hard to reach areas? It's also annoying because while they were fixing this game breaking issue, I still can't send mail to my alts without spending money, the bots continue to run rampant, and my friend can barely play the game for 20 minutes before a loading screen crashes his game. All I'm saying is that they should be putting more effort into the issues that are actually upsetting people, instead of covering up the fun parts of the game.
  2. Definitely Jin. I refuse to play as one of those little fur balls
  3. As the title says, I'm extremely confused with how I'm supposed to defeat harder enemies, such as in dreadtide arena. I don't understand how I'm supposed to block attacks once I've used my back dash/shield. Do I have to spec into the .5 sec parry with Tab and work on timing that? As of this point, I just can't foresee any possible way of beating bosses in the tower. I have leveled an assassin, KFM, and a BM, so I've grown very accustomed to blocking/countering attacks, but destroyer to my knowledge just can't block or evade attacks in any efficient way. It's not like I have some incredibly large amount of health either, so I just constantly die. Someone please help me understand how I'm supposed to deal with enemies.
  4. No Blackwyrm reward

    This isn't a bug. You are required to do at least 1% of Blackwyrm's HP to get a reward and quest progress. You will still get achievement progress for the kill. The system is there so leaches don't tap the boss once and run away for the rest of the fight.
  5. I just got my friend to start BnS Friday night, and although he really likes playing the game, he is slightly put off by the constant complete computer crashes that this game is causing him to have. It happened a total of 3 times during our 5-6 hour session. We'd be playing normally, then he'd just all of a sudden go silent and his computer would shut off. Is this an issue that has been brought up before, and if so, is there a fix to it?
  6. Bug in Mushin Tower 7F

    He probably didn't enrage. He has phases in which he resists all abilities. You just need to survive these phases by using your own resist/block skills. Source: I've completed 2/2 of my tower runs
  7. 2K NCoin Outfit

    In case no one has stated it, this is a $20 bundle, which comes with the outfit, a pair of glasses, 12 white roses, and 10 unsealing charms. I still probably won't be buying it since it doesn't come outside of the bundle which is kind of absolutely frikn stupid. Not to mention items bought from the store STILL aren't cross-character
  8. Mail restriction sadness....

    This issue is incredibly annoying. Why have account bound items, such as valor stones, if you can't trade them between characters without spending money
  9. KFM 3RF

    Also, in case you want to practice against mobs, you need to buy a necklace from your faction merchant in Misty Woods. The necklace increases the duration of CC by 20%, which makes it normal against mobs.
  10. Chat stopped?

    I'm having this issue as well. Nothing in /say, region, faction, party finder, or clan. My messages don't even pop up if I enter them
  11. KFM 3RF

    It's all about the timing. If you pay attention, your 3 will do damage before the full animation, so you want to time your R or left click as soon as the 3 registers damage, then press F and repeat 2 times then stun again. So basically it goes like this: Dodge, triple kick, 3--r-f-3--r-f-stun, repeat until next stun, then repeat again and finish with knock up. It's very very hard to master this and it is different for everyone because of different pings. If your ping is very bad, like 200+, then you just in general may not be able to do the combo :/
  12. The tower floors NEED a repair fire.

    I know, but I'm not spending 70s for 1 repair tool when my weapon needs 3 to repair
  13. Show off your characters!!

    My Assassin :D Blue Power! And matching dagger of course