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  1. My Snowflake Lyn with my boyfriend's character (Blade Dancer Lyn) wearing nerdy glasses (I like them a lot) And someday I'll get them as well huehue. And here without glasses BADASS.
  2. Lycan Staff (Moonwater Plains > Lycandi Foothills)
  3. I really like your character a lot! Badass and handsome at the same time, great job you did there c:
  4. Thank you! I'm glad you like it c: Your Gon is amazing as well!
  5. My little Lynn with her new Christmas outfit! Also my Miaw Panda.
  6. It is an outfit called ''Winter Flower'' from the NCStore. Only the female version (Lynn) of that outfit has the cat on the shoulder.
  7. Oh gosh! That outfit/skin for kitties is just amazing... Looks so freaking cute that kitty panda, I need it ASAP! ¿Could anyone tell me how can I get it? Also your chars are pretty niceu as well.
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