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  1. Summoners destroy low-mid levels of gameplay. That's why they're considered op. Most people are at that level. People get pissed of when a monkey on a summoner can win games without utilising the full extents of their tools. People in tournaments play what they find fun or what they're best at. I'm pretty sure I said already said that. Summoners; thematically don't appeal to majority of PvP players and as such you'll see them less represented in tourneys. People roll Summoners in Arena for free beans from what I've seen. "NA players". Makes no sense to me either. You probably shouldn't generalise. I honestly have no idea idea why I'm trying to reason with you. You're legitimately a lost cause.
  2. There were Summoners in the tournament. There are also other classes in the tournament There are also good players in the tournament, Which means Summoners can't cheese their way to victories. The majority of people playing in tournaments play the class they enjoy. Or the class that they're are best at. You can't judge a class' potency off of that. Summoners can only carry people so far. The results of the tournament doesn't disprove your stupidity.
  3. Summoner vs Assassin

    Lmao. How are people like this allowed to get to Platinum? At least the bot-boosting is gone for now, at least. Your "E" unspecced has a 3 second cooldown 3m radius, which is probably what people are referring to. Sin can't stay in stealth whilst using their "resist" skill. It's also on a 45 second cooldown. Take advantage of that. You can shutdown half of a Sin's kit if you know what your abilities do... so do that - learn what your abilities do. I'll leave the other details to people who are bothered to respond to this thread. It really is an issue of "getting good" for this case.
  4. It would be nice if there's a marriage system T u T

    Pretty sure 70% of the people here don't want marriage because they play a female character as a guy. Awkward. Kappa
  5. Show off your characters!!

    I found out the same day I asked. But thanks.
  6. Not sure why you're saying "US" so often. Both NA and EU have the exact same patches. The only difference is the daily dash. NA Summoners try to hold their diamond rank - probably afraid to lose it. As it stands, Vanguards is the only Summoner that is a god at his class, in NA. EU Summoners probably try to climb and therefore you'll see a lot of them in the top 10. Sins and KFM are the popular classes in the highest ranks. Still outnumbered in Diamond by Summoners though. Sins counter KFMs pretty hard right now so there are more of them at the top. It's close to the end of season now. Things may or may not change. I'm betting Madoshi will get rank 1 again though.
  7. Show off your characters!!

    Could I get a name on this sword skin please? It looks pretty dang sweet.
  8. Show off your characters!!

    That's a very pretty Yun. Any chance I can get the preset? :^o
  9. There is legit so much cancer in this thread/forums - I can see why good players don't visit it often, if not - at all. It takes a Force Master who knows how to use their class (woah!?) to beat a Sin (who knows how to use their class). Sadly most FMs - below Diamond - are trash carried by beating bots effortlessly due to beating bots. FM's only real "bad" match-up is against BMs. Who are the least played AND weakest class in the game. Sins are a middle of the pack class whose only "non-bad" match-ups are against other melees. If you're losing to a Sin using a cheese "strat" that should only really work in lower levels of gameplay - then you really, really need to get good. Either that or consider how meaningless your rank/elo actually is. I can see why someone would play that way against a FM... since there aren't really many options against one. But it really isn't a viable "strat" nor is it any fun to do.
  10. Ranged vs Ranged match-up. Your less likely to get hit by most of Summoner's cheesy shit that melee's struggle against. A bad summoner can win against a bad or slightly better melee for that reason. Summoners have the tools to make all melee match-ups a misery. Force Masters aren't face-roll-able, so I guess Summoners would have to play with a brain in the match-up. You lose against Assassin's and BMs because you don't know their kits as you've stated. Pretty sure a better Force Master player can beat as an Assassin that is worse than them. Can't say much about BM since I don't play it/ Honestly I feel as though Force Masters can be pretty dominant if you know how to play them.. In the lower elos surely. I feel they simply just don't have enough representation. (Maybe it's the race limitations?) It could be my bias for hating ranged characters since I usually tend to play melees characters in games. Anyway this all my speculations based on low-elo. Probably doesn't mean much.
  11. This is because NA players love to exploit broken shit more than EU players.
  12. BnS Improvements Megathread

    Very well-written and structured post. I hope it gains traction since you bring up a hefty amount of good points. I don't really have much of an opinion on this sort of thing so I'll just use this comment as a bump.
  13. "Edit 3: Another issue is that 9 out of 10 people who scream about summoner being broken have never either bothered to play one to learn the class and its mechanics and weaknesses" But do you play all the other classes? You can't expect others to do that especially when you've probably not done the same. The fact in the matter is that summoner is a strong class. For casual players they will always be a difficult fight because of the way they work. They're also very unfun to play against.
  14. Nerf X class, i can't beat it. [QQ guide]

    One thing I don't understand is when people playing the supposedly "OP" classes say you can counter their said class, yet the majority have never played against the class as a weaker class - or even tried to rank up using a "weaker" class. Just because a because isn't unbeatable doesn't mean they're not obnoxious and unfun to play against. The complaints will never stop. Complaining about complaints is also as bad - if not worse than the complainers also.