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  1. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    Wait guys... you know that you can craft an event Weapon which is equal to ET3 Weapon right?? ... If i can easily afk that stage 4 with GC9, you can also with ET3. Holy crap. And if you simply cant, then this stage, is NOT meant for your current gear as stage 1-3 are not meant for my gear. You also do NOT run TT with 500k dps and cry here "oh no that raid is wayyyy too hard! :(( its totally pay2win because you need gear to clear all the bosses!" But because it is an event, where players who actually invested their money and their (most importantly) time, get rewarded, you now cry here it is totally pay2win and BnS is doomed. Do you do the same in the real world? "Oh no. that guy can afford a porsche in that 20%off for a limited time "event" from that manufacturer!! Its totally unfair! i should be able to afford that also!" ???? People who invest time and money get rewarded, where people who didnt invest (as much) are not. So what?
  2. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    So let me try to understand this. You want the Event to be nerfed down, so EVERY Player with ANY Gear can clear this right? So you probably start with a boss that has like 120.000 HP. So also the ultra new, not even story finished, players can clear this. Nice. So we, who played this Game for 6Months - 2 Years 1hit that and are finished. Good Point! I see what perfectly balanced content you would create, if you would be in charge of that! Right now, i literally 1hit the first three stages, and Stage 4 is like Semi-AFK-HeadOnKeyboardSmashing until Longui is dead. So you want to lock out anyone, who tried to progress and did progress through the last 2 Months and does like 200-500k dps (which is like verywell enough to kill the boss). This event is not even close to being PayToWin. Anyone can enter as many times as you want. There is NO paying involved with that. And the first three stages are super easy to clear, if you actually learn the "rotation" of Longui (which is so lame and easy, even my blind cat could figure that out). Then you can also build the Event Weapon and clear stage 4 quite easily. So tell me. WHERE is your problem?? Do you want to get all the TT Gear for free through the campaign so you dont have to go through the hastle of raiding 3-5 Months continuesly to actually aquire your Gear? Or do you want that everyone who actually PAYS for this game, and that is everyone who is spending even his 20€ on just premium, so you free2play slackers (not f2p players!) can enjoy some easy AF content? Your point is literally ridicoulus and you should look up what the point of a MMORPG is. (hint: its not getting everything for free instantly) Greets
  3. Holiday Trove extension?

    Hey there, I would like to ask/request that you extend the Trove 1 week into the new Year. During Christmas time, there are quite some people who need to buy presents and stuff for Christmas and the holiday days after. Iam probably not able to buy trove keys because of that, and that is quite the hit when you look at those Trove rewards (they look really really fantastic tbh) Maybe some people will now say "oh then don't cash" or something like that. That would be nice, but those rewards look REALLY promising and it would be a shame to miss out on them, just because of Christmas and expenses, that are far more important than trove. So yeah, would be awesome if someone would reply to this (Y) Ah yeah, people who want to hate now "eww whale" , "casher" or whatever: yeah, but it wont hurt you or anyone else if trove is extended for 7 more days :) you would even get 7 more free openings and maybe also a Chance to get some nice things :)
  4. Yes, that is true! But i think it is quite easy getting the required badges and for sure easier to get the badges than getting Full VT Gear in a short time, not even mentioning the cost of upgrading :) So if you whale your Gear, you won't need the alluvion badge (but then it doesnt matter, cause you have enough gold/money to get all of them). But generally, i can see your point and you're right there. New players should probably focus on getting Magnum first
  5. Alright. Please tell me? Oo And pls tell me how you can use your Magnum Badge more efficently than Alluvion? Without Soulburn, you pretty much are stuck without Overflow and without Flying Nettles dmg bonus? ôo Especially when you have FUll BT SS, Alluvion should deal more dmg. And what contradicts or is a "misconception"? :o Please tell me
  6. earth build

    Maybe this helps a bit :)
  7. 20 to 30 fps only

    So.. if you would visit that Page, which you linked there, you would see, that the i3 you're refering to, is more than 100% faster in Single-Core/Quad-Core/Multi-Core speeds than the Core2Duo... EDIT: you know.. the Core2Duo is on the right side.... You just debunked the statements you had yourself? What should i say now? "GJ, exactly what i said earlier" ? And that you now bring Laptops to the mix is sooo much worse. Laptops have maximum TDP ratings, and if they pull too much power or get too hot, they will throttle! Normally, a Desktop CPU won't do that, because that (generally) has proper cooling! And all i said was, that higher Clocks + New CPU (7th or 8th Gen) will give the biggest improvement in FPS, because these parts do OC higher and have better IPC performance._. The Code is spaghetti in terms of optimization, everyone knows that. And thats why the only way is to brute force your FPS with enough computational power. You can try to run BnS on an i3 Low-Power Part, which wont work well because its a low power part with low Clockspeeds, or you just accept the fact, that a high clocked Intel CPU will give big Performance Improvements. And thats also because the Engine, UE3, was built FOR INTEL! >.< Thats a fact and you can look it up if you want I like the new Ryzen Chips from AMD and i really hope they can deliver a great Zen2 Architecture next Year, but it doesnt change the fact, that UE3 was built for Intel! And thats the Point! This Engine will run better on Intel Hardware than on AMD Hardware because it was built for it. You can't argue around that ._.
  8. 20 to 30 fps only

    sry. But you have obviously no idea of what you are talking about. You seriously compare an i7-8700K@5.2GHz with your A8-3780k@3.3GHz and want to tell me, that you got same performance/or better than i do? ôo ... Dont want to trashtalk you dude, but that is like saying "I decode a 4k60Fps file with my 10year DuoCore as fast as a Threadripper 16Core/32Thread CPU". If you research the development of UE3 you will see, that this Engine was built with an Intel CPU in mind. Fullstop. Without optimization, no CPU can stretch its legs to the fullest. Thats why a Ryzen 2700X 8Core CPU is not as fast in games, as an i5 8600k/i5 8400 which has half the Cores. You would know that, if you would actually look things up before writing such things.
  9. Divinity Bracelet for Sum?

    Sorry if i was unclear. You literally have NO Clue how to play Earth-Summoner. Here is my Summoner btw, and i know quite well how to play the class Regarding your answer. You obviously did not read. You spam RMB/LMB constantly. YOu dont pause it for your Mystic Badge + Undying Badge rotation. Thats why it is so exhausting playing Earthsummoner in a 10 Minute fight if you dont use Macro.. Holy hell.. i didnt even know that someone still does not know how Earth Sum works in general... phew
  10. 20 to 30 fps only

    Pls dont tell stuff like that. UE3 is only optimized (still very badly) for Intel CPUs. AMD CPUs have no optimization whatsoever with this engine. This game relies heavily on Clockspeeds and just pure Processing Power. I switched from an i7-6700k @ 4,5GHz (30-45fps, sub 10fps in fights) to an AMD Ryzen 1700 @ 3,9GHz (nearly same fps) and then to an i7-8700k @ 5.2GHz (100+ fps, 30+ in fight while having players on with everything maxed out). You "just" need high Clockspeeds and a Intel CPU which is Sandy Bridge or newer. RAM Speeds and GPU dont matter at all in this game. i tried switching those before the CPU and no change at all.
  11. Divinity Bracelet for Sum?

    are you serious?.. As Earth-Summoner you spam RMB/LMB constantly. Always, there is never a situation where you dont use your LMB/RMB. While you do that, you do your VT + Magnum/Undying Badge Rotation. You gain around 60k dps with the new Bracelet when you have Full VT Gear + Aransu 9. maybe even more. The question above is completeley irrelevant and if you are really serious (and not trolling) you should not play Summoner anymore as you have obviously no idea how to play this class correctly.
  12. 2000 key trove results and thoughts

    Thats not true at all. I have a friend who got BOTH Tristars without opening the rows or buying keys. Another friend bought over 5000!!! Keys and did just get 1! Tristar. The Chance of critting is completely fixed and this is just how lucky you are. You also have to remember, that ppl with over 200-300 Keys basically open 300 Days of free trove in a very short amount of time. So if you get 1 Crit during the Eventtime, thats total average. Its like 25-30 Days -> 25-30 Free Trove openers, and one crit is pretty average that way. If i open 900Keys, then of course i will have a higher chance of critting, just because i have like 2000% more Trove Openings. You know what i mean?
  13. Ich finde es herrlich wie ihr alle am rumheulen seid. Ich war gestern einmal in dieser Ini und wir sind ausschließlich bei poharan 2x gestorben weil wir die Mechaniken nicht richtig gemacht haben. Und dafür haben 4 Leute ein Teil vom Ivory Beluga Soulshield bekommen! Also ihr solltet Mal aufhören rumzuheulen und anfangen Mechaniken zu spielen, auf Attack pattern zu achten und Mal ein wenig euer Hirn anstrengen. Daran sieht man halt das die meisten mechanisch total schwach sind und sich durch das Gear Carrien lassen. Wenn man cc't, sich nicht braindead anstellt und seine heals timed, Dann ist der Dungeon easy.