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  1. Saw the newsletter and said it's double EXP till July 20th, but is that only for Soul Fighters...? Or is it for every character, and is it still happening?
  2. Australian Servers Please!

    Looks like someone skipped geography class. North America doesn't just consist of the U.S.
  3. The bidding system is kinda a win-win situation in the long run. You receive part of the money that the person used to bid for the item, so it's not so bad. Though I wouldn't mind an option for a rolling system.
  4. Problem with wardrobe opening?

    Pretty sure this is happening to everyone, myself included.
  5. People are really complaining about this? All you have to do is simply wait. Which I believed would be harmless enough, guess not though.
  6. Why do they sound british?!

    Because they aren't chinese? What kind of question is that.
  7. Wardrobe Can't Be Opened

    Same as well.
  8. Outfits

    uh, what?? I'll assume I know what you're trying to ask and say, the most recent costume you can get is the Jiangshi costume from the roulette in the forest, using stalker jianghsi essense. And you can get those from the field boss right next to the safe area. All this is located in the moonshade cemetery.
  9. The real WHY summoner is OP

    I don't quite see the point in making a statement everyone already knew..? To whine or complain I guess. This community never disappoints.
  10. as a summoner can you

    Yes, you just target the enemy and hit tab to command it. E can also be used to call it back in case you need to.
  11. The loot system. No.

    I personally love it. I get a shit ton of money from idiots who keep bidding the price up. So i'm not complaining.
  12. Cash Store prices.

    The kicker, is that wardrobe is free in every other server. It's just EU/NA that has to pay for it.
  13. Fix the queue times.

    Mushin isn't even that bad right now, and it's supposedly the "most populated server".
  14. Any info on future contents? Dungeon etc.

    The game just got released today and you're wondering about new content? I mean, I like the enthusiasm, but hold off a bit. As for future content, I personally have no clue.
  15. Show off your characters!!

    My Lyn is incredibly boring.