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  1. That ins't really the point. All the other items are grind-able but moonstones are blocked a bit by RNG from SSP keys. I spent 1.5 hours in SSP on 2 characters last night and I got 2 moonstones. The channels were crowded so its hard to even get drops for the keys.
  2. +1 to this. Keys are annoying to get. I have 27 boxes that I haven't opened because I don't have the keys. Luckily I did this early on and made a FM alt...My main is a melee class and ssp is ridiculously stupid on a melee class. Watching the melee run to attack the boar is hilariously dumb. I have 560AP on my SIN and I don't get credit. My 426AP FM gets credit every time simply because I can stand there and attack.
  3. Lets not be too hasty! Gear progression does and should take time, unless you are rich and pour money into the game. It's just like any gear progression, you go into a dungeon and if something drops you bid on that item. If you are complaining about the Moonwater tears, I suggest you look at the Silverfrost gear path's and the materials to make Silverfrost transformation stones as it requires a lot of grinding. This IS an mmo after all, materials can take time to get.
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