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  1. my gf and i recently decided to stop playing for now but not really quit, unless we like this other game better that comes out next month. We both have around 620-640AP so the 'need' to upgrade our gear isn't very high for us. So in that aspect we asked ourselves "why do we even login for?". We have about 3-4 hours we could potentially play during the week. If we logged in and play we get a bit of gold and stack up on more mats for gear, yay? Our number one reason is the daily challenges. We are sick of doing the blue dungeons, tomb of the exiles, blackram narrows, or
  2. Your test results were from attacking dummies, like you said in your previous post. We are not comparing vs attacking bosses in dungeons because yes long range can stand there to DPS. But raw DPS testing was done on training dummies by you and your clanmates so a longer test can be done to see raw dps.
  3. We will be getting a DPS meter in the next patch and SIN is getting huge changes so i don't want to get into much of "which classes have the highest DPS", I would like to add that a real DPS test should not be 18 seconds long as it doesn't prove much. The reason is because EVERY class has big burst of damage at the start of battle ONLY when their skills are not on cooldown. After that 18 seconds the BM has a long cooldown for lightning draw for example, or FM meteor shower/inferno, or destroyer Fury. The SIN on the other hand can easily stack another 5 poison and go to town, or keep fast up co
  4. For party support they have the same or more than other classes so I'm not sure what you are complaining about, unless you were unaware of them: v: Fighting Spirit / pull all dead or near dead party members up to 100m / Party teleport 2: Decoy S2/T3 - Party save - done it many times in Yeti x: smoke screen - either stealth party with .5 parry for all members who enter stealth, or resist projectiles and recover HP/focus for 10s for party Also, SINs are a harder class to use for a reason, but you can definitely tank, just like ANY class can if required. I tanke
  5. I apologize for not reading all the posts above this one :P This is a very valid point that people will complain about anything but, i think the issue is not the amount of moonstones needed for upgrades, its HOW they are obtained. Which is mainly from ssp and tower which the majority of ppl cannot do due to many many reasons : faction unbalanced, faction purposely messing with your ssp runs, not getting drops in ssp due to too many ppl, ssp terrible fps, RNG when opening boxes for moonstones, ssp keys being very expensive in marketplace, people cant do tower because they dont have
  6. May I ask what other classes you are comparing to? A SIN has consistent damage and not high burst damage like some other classes. So a SIN could be hitting for 3k, 6k, 3k, 6k, 11k in 1.5 seconds or so, where as a FM would hit around 4k,4k, 15k per 1.5 seconds as an example, NOT true stats, just an example. So some ppl look at the 15k damage and is like "WOW SO GOOD, 15k all the time! " but overall its still less than a SIN (in THIS example). - Please no discussion about which class has the highest DPS... I am simply trying to explain how SINs DPS looks like.
  7. totally agree! I thought it was too good to be true as well. It sucks because I would have played BNS more with this event but I think i'll play something else and not waste my time.
  8. It's kinda cool in theory, but it's definitely not as good as fighting spirit. I would like it better if you didnt first have to poison the enemies. Some other classes such as BD get a 1 button cc pull so it doesn't make sense why the enemies need to be poisoned first.
  9. This ^ I've never had an issue after Thrasher but, if you get poisoned just before the boss dies I believe it lasts for 30 seconds. It's the same as any enemy, if you are poisoned or something u will stay in combat until its gone. You only STAY in combate afterwards if your party runs ahead and gets into combat. Once they are out of combat you will also come out of combat.
  10. yep, we've already established this :P Realistically, as long as the party has the mechanics down, classes don't matter. (unless ur doin 4man)
  11. This ^ When I first started off as a SIN i used to be in stealth all the time. I liked that a lot of my DPS came from being in stealth and I found that being out of stealth I was too vulnerable and I didn't know how to DPS properly and I hated it. As I leveled up and new class changes happened I switched to the Dark build to fight out of stealth, and I love it so much better. The raw DPS you can perform out of stealth is amazing with the dark build so I would recommend trying it and spec your "E" to Sidestep right since most bosses/enemies have true sight to see you anyways.
  12. Not sure what the tower has to do with DPSing but, your are entitled to your opinion, just like I am mine :) Anyways the OP wanted people's opinions for FM or Destroyer so hopefully these opinions will help in their choice.
  13. LOL, like i care what you think xD KFM is a tank with 2nd to lowest DPS, so it makes more sense for a Destro to DPS rather than stand and hold.
  14. With that logic you could say you prefer ranged over melee. As a SIN myself, I am always the last one to die in parties. It comes down to the player, not the class.
  15. As a melee the grab is weird, I have a hard time hitting the enemy for some reason so the character just wont attack it (same thing when LBD holds), hopefully that gets fixed. Your "immense damage put out during the grab" isn't really that immense imo. I say this because while you are holding the enemy, you yourself are not DPSing. So the extra damage the other classes do will make up for the Destroyer's DPS loss. Also IMO, I think the better class to do a grab would be a KFM since they are a tank class and dont outperform DPS to a DPS class. My opinion: DPSing i
  16. I agree with this statement. Bring a friend with you (diff class) to farm the weapon and they will probably get it for your class before you do.
  17. Frost Fury Stage 3 Tier 2 and 3. Frost Armor Stage 1 and 3 T2. Not sure if there's more. Someone as a Lock said this to me too that their skill was the best healing in the game. Lock has very good healing as well. Same with a SIN, if their poison breath hits lots of enemies they can go from 1% HP to 100% HP with a press of a button.
  18. Yea, Have you seen a SIN in action on our server? Like I said I main both classes... And they are very similar DPS wise.
  19. IMO they are the equal due to real life situations. I main a SIN and FM pretty much, The FM definitely does more damage than my SIN in mandate or fighting widows in BSH for example because these bosses move a lot. But for bosses like the drill guy in Nexus or winter mane (even very large bosses) my SIN will do more dmg than my FM. If you wanted to do ONLY a single class dps comparison, then that would be testing against the non-moving targets in mushins tower for training, i bet more people would give a SIN the victory. Also b/c fighting spirit is a part of a SINs rotation, where
  20. you are talking about your '3' Bolt Strike right? When u use that skill you come out of stealth briefly and you can be hit. After you were kicked, if you were KD or dazed then he probably used his decoy + F.
  21. What is after the legendary weapons and are they even needed for the next content updates? I heard that later on in the game you start off with a brand new weapon and leave the Hongmoon weapon/path, is that true? If it's true I will definitely not be leveling to legendary since there's literally no point in wasting time and gold. Our AP is enough with the accessories and everything else right now.
  22. You may not have the quest unlocked yet. I believe you need to beat blackram supply chain first (from quest). Then you get a blue quest at the fishing lodge near Hogshead village which will take you to BSH.
  23. @XianRen Yeah, i'm not saying I dont like PVPing, im saying "Not everyone likes to PVP" and they have big issues with it. Please read carefully please before responding.
  24. Not everyone likes to PVP, so they shouldn't be forced to do it. They are adding more options to get items for the PVP players, they should do the same for PVE players.
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