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  1. On 7/12/2016 at 0:12 AM, Choco Wack said:

     In bosses where they dont jump/move, i think sins will be on  top. But if you will consider all bosses including the ones that jump, move around, any skill which melees cant do damage, FM will have more damage.

    yep, we've already established this :P 


    Realistically, as long as the party has the mechanics down, classes don't matter. (unless ur doin 4man)

  2. On 7/8/2016 at 1:40 PM, KzE said:

    I prefer FMs in party over sins. FM is more foolproof.



    With that logic you could say you prefer ranged over melee. 


    As a SIN myself, I am always the last one to die in parties. It comes down to the player, not the class. 

  3. 1 hour ago, ChimChim said:

    I'm pushing 18~19k dps on my FM and thats without baleful :p Are sustaning that form of dps?

    Yea, Have you seen a SIN in action on our server? Like I said I main both classes... And they are very similar DPS wise. 

  4. 24 minutes ago, ChimChim said:

    on korea sins are by far the highest dps, well its not by far. FM's arent that far behind imo. They are pretty equal.

    Im not sure on wind summoners after the nerf.


    On eu there is no question that FM's out dps sins. There are meters like ACT, its not accurate but it gives you an idea.

    The only time sins MAY come close to an FM is IF the sin can stick on the target without having to worry about anything else. Sins cant maintain 100% uptime on a boss tho due to being melee.



    IMO they are the equal due to real life situations. I main a SIN and FM pretty much, The FM definitely does more damage than my SIN in mandate or fighting widows in BSH for example because these bosses move a lot. But for bosses like the drill guy in Nexus or winter mane (even very large bosses) my SIN will do more dmg than my FM. 


    If you wanted to do ONLY a single class dps comparison, then that would be testing against the non-moving targets in mushins tower for training, i bet more people would give a SIN the victory. Also b/c fighting spirit is a part of a SINs rotation, where FM doesn't have a buff like that. 

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