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  1. I've got my fingers crossed that the reason NC hasnt responded to this issue yet is HOPEFULLY because their all hard at work trying to fix it! For every one person that says the game runs smoothly, it seems there's like 10+ having problems so it's clear something is wrong on the games end..
  2. Staff Hosted This Person He Seems Fun

    I knew I heard that name somewhere, he's got a really great pvp Assassin guide! Here's the link:
  3. Quitting: Reasons

    I think it would be cool if they added a vendor that sold cosmetic dungeon drops for a specific currency only gained by running dungeons. Have the items set at a high price so people still rely mostly on rng drops, but if someone ran a dungeon 50+ times they could at least be guaranteed the item they wanted.
  4. Make ALL Key / Mouse Buttons Bindable.

    In every mmo I play, as soon as I gain control of my character I go straight to the settings to check a few key things, one of which is to disable double tap to sprint/dodge. In BnS it's not like we can run backwards so imo not being able to substitute S+S for Shift+S is just laziness lol So many unintended backsteps, mixed with the combat-lock bug.. man I just sighed in frustration jus thinking about it lol.
  5. About that recent Ban-wave..

    lol I've seen a few bots on a few diff servers stuck trying to get up that cliff!
  6. Everyone is at risk of being banned!

    Imo Auto-ban systems should not be used anymore. I've noticed this in more than a few games, but many ppl are now going straight for "report" instead of "Block". When someone says something in chat they don't agree with or might be offended by said comment, instead of blocking that player, they report them. Not everyone is guilty of doing this, but I believe it's at a point where it's become a problem.
  7. Unable to access Daily Dash after recent update

    Got to the point where it would open, but not let me spin, I went in and completed a Jadestone daily (mite one) and when I came out it opened right up and let me spin. A few ppl in chat were telling others to re-load the game as well.
  8. Unable to access Daily Dash after recent update

    Prem here, and having same problem. Thought it was strange Daily Dash wasnt open when I logged in, tried to open it and nothing. Ok so out of no where Daily Dash just opened. Like it got stuck when I logged in and finally became unstuck after maybe 5 mins of just standing there.. weird, doesnt spin tho.
  9. Extra slot/Premium

    There are other mmo's that do offer more character slots to premium members. Off the top of my head, DCUO does this.
  10. Enough is enough

    As soon as I read this my first thought was of that LifeLock commercial lol, Not tryin to insult the devs or anything, just thought this commercial was kind of funny and a little bit relevant. I personally love the game, and that's why I continue to play as a premium member, but I've had severe lag issues since day 1 on multiple NA servers. I know EU has it worse but their deff not alone as I've talked to people from both regions with top end equipment and the best internet available to them and their still having problems. To be fair I know the game just released, but time is passing and things don't seem to be getting better. I've had to give up on KFM because of the lag spikes, and now Assassin as well for the same reason. I also have to run stuff solo because being in a party makes things worse, nor can I run Arena's. One thing that I personally find sad is that because of the constant repetition, I've worked Health pots into my rotations for only after lag
  11. Even though I should have been, I wasn't surprised when I went to disable the windwalking effect and was unable too..
  12. Memory leak after todays patch.

    Yesterday I was watching the video of that new class being released in Korea, where their going through a dungeon fighting all the mobs. I thought it looked really cool, but at the same time it made me so sad and jealous because I was seeing how well the game is supposed to play. They were going from mob to mob while keeping a steady high fps, and getting no lag what so ever! If it was me, or any one of the thousands of other players who have descent tech & connection but are still terrorized by the B&S lag-fairy, there is no way we could run something as smoothly as they were. I pray to Hajoon, they will fix the game soon!
  13. During the Beta one of the very first reward boxes I opened spat out a Brilliant Key lol. Since then I've opened countless boxes and have yet to see another drop :\
  14. Lyn Kung Fu Master Petition!

    This, deff!
  15. Master Loot Distribution Method/Ninja Loot

    I'm all for party members having to vote when the loot distribution is changed. Imho any settings that affect the whole party should be voted on by all members.