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  1. I just got my leveling pack with Temptation costume. Didn"t expect it till tomorrow, thanks NCSoft! :)
  2. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    Some costumes have the term account bound added above where it says unable to trade, those can be transferred. The Regium Corvus and Temptation costumes do not have the account bound designation.
  3. They are under Services. It costs 19 incoin per stamp. 6 stamps for one costume, 3 stamps for other things like accessories, cat costumes and car accessories. Cat adornments are 2 stamps. In totals, to transfer a costume it costs 144 ncoin, for accessories it's 57 ncoin and for the cat adorment it's 38 ncoin.
  4. Game is almost completely ruined...

    Aren't you doing the same thing? I was under the impression that moaners are a staple of game forums.
  5. BNS Fashion boycott

    As someone said, you would only see those adds if you've been to gold seller sites. Is a guilty conscious what motivated you to make this your first post. How embarrassing for you.
  6. You lost any credibility with such childish sentences like "here is my d*** jizzing for money. No one from NcSoft will even remotely take you seriously. In the future, try to present an argument or idea like a mature, intelligent adult.
  7. Not going to happen. Licensing is different there, and Hello Kitty isn't the national icon here like it is there.
  8. closed.

    Some random person with too much time on their hands who is obsessively pursuing a moderator position despite being ignored is the last person they would want for this job. Just sayin'. As is some vocal poster with non-neutral opinions on matters involving the game.
  9. we need more outfits in shop

    I say more limited edition costumes, makes me want to buy them more. I enjoy costumes more that have expired and can no longer be obtained.
  10. [PVE] NO optimized game at all

    Also, if you're going to be insulting people's spelling, you might want to structure your sentences properly. It's not really good grammar to start a sentence with "lol", no capitalization or punctuation.
  11. [PVE] NO optimized game at all

    If you think the game is such a piece of crap, then why are you crying in another thread for them to bring back the friendship chest?
  12. I offered a completely neutral statement that was in every way related to the topic, with no desire to push the topic towards anyone's advantage. The only person I see derailing anything is you, since you are attempting(and failed) to entice a flame war by using names such as White Knight which is commonly used for personal attacks. :)
  13. Nowhere in my post was I defining the meaning of the term White Knight, I was simply mentioning instances when the term is often used. I did not "come to the aid of Nscoft" which seems to be implied by the above poster. As I stated above, I was merely stating the obvious.
  14. "White Knight" is a term often brought up when one has no solid basis or defense for an argument. I was merely stating the obvious ;)
  15. ^This Posting about this on the forums as well as pasting your correspondence with representatives is probably considered a bit childish and irritating. Therefore you are more than likely being punished for your behavior.