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  1. I have heard from so many people that it is buggy. Sunday I was not able to receive it (with support basically just telling me "you did receive on Saturday"... except it was Sunday). And today, it says that I have obtained all of the login rewards even though I only logged in for an hour and was unable to retrieve any of it.
  2. I utilize a full stealth build and hope i dodge all the yellow aoes (70% of the time it works all the time). I run in, toss plaguemist and RMB (Blink Step) to get into stealth and start RMB F cancelling. With 507 AP, I can get 15+ prestige per captain depending on how many people there are.
  3. Hello everyone, I am Alriol/Haroku Nakama/Anling Chun from the Cerulean Order on Soha. I have already talked to a few Crimson Legion clans but I hope I can quickly reach a lot more here on the forums. Long story short, I want to request one channel on SSP for the Cerulean side. If you believe that having less channels for yourself will lead to less gold and whatnot, if Cerulean can gain access to and fill a channel, there will likely be a fourth channel so you can keep your original three SSP channels. I am also aware of the Chinese multiboxers but that is a separate issue that I hope to a
  4. My characters are based off of OC designs so here they are! Jin Blade Master Jin Assassin Yun Force Master
  5. You can also get it through clan crafting so no need to kill or swipe
  6. are you sure you aren't lagging? and that's what's causing the delay? Also, you should definitely wait a split second before casting Shadow Dash after Turning Leaf. If you cast it too fast, the opponent is still "facing you" (as you have not swapped yet) and thus you will not stealth.
  7. Simply to respond to OP's gripe that classes like BM and KFM do not get rewarded for tanking, how about let a ranged tank? The amount of kiting out of your AoE dps (particularly for BM's Lightning Draw and Blade Call) will make you want to pull your hair out. In fights like Blackwyrm, yes the tank will be dealing less damage than the FMs that his tanking will allow to stay at a distance but man you don't want BW to be spouting poison at your feet all the time. Yes you are making life easier for your teammates by tanking but you are also increasing your own damage output by tanking.
  8. Responded to some points in italics. As for some of the rest of your points, it is all speculation. I'm simply re-iterating what I heard happened in other regions which means that it is a POSSIBILITY to happen here. There is no point in saying something definitely will or definitely will not happen and we all already know why this version is being rushed. Whether or not it was actually a good idea isn't up to us to determine (meaning we have no way to get them to slow down the content release). It will slow down but until it does... just enjoy the content at your own pace.
  9. This comment makes me really happy. Yes Sins are the gods of solo PvE but there is so much more to them than just that. Sure a bad Sin is very noticeable but a good Sin is really good.
  10. I hear that the other servers that did a level jump event immediately jumped the character's gear to a certain level. We don't know for sure what will happen here so any speculation on what WILL or WILL NOT happen is just that, speculation.
  11. Idk what you are talking about mmos having melees doing more damage. In most mmos, mages deal high damage with their draw back being low durability. In most mmos, none of the melees are dps machines except for the rogue/thief classes which, guess what, in this game, Assassins have theoretically the highest single target dps. I say theoretically because unlike ranged they still have to take time to dodge and re-position and the like. In boss fights like terrors, if the tanking player is ranged then the terror will do a pull. What this means is that a full party of ranged is not likely going
  12. It's not a bug. It just simply isn't available right now
  13. I'm honestly wondering about all these BMs talking about lack of focus with lightning build. We have so many methods to regen focus that in a minute, your time out of Draw Stance should be very low (less than 10 seconds if you manage all of your skills correctly). Once you get a good weapon (True Siren iirc) you have a chance to proc 100% focus regen on hit. Blade Call v skill regens a lot of focus so don't use your other focus regens with that up. Z near the end of Blade Call to regen focus (chance to proc weapon even without this specced). Then between Blade Calls, Sunder Sword for high f
  14. hm... I've never tried blocking the last few (I always block the first few after SSing the very first one) but it lasts a total of 5 seconds so if you time it right, I think the last two slams are within 5 seconds of each other. This is a pretty good set up if there are all 8 ice pools and no FM in the party to Frost Sheath (I do not recommend this as any sort of input lag will mess this up) 1) SS 2) Five Point Strike 3) Cyclone 4-6) Winged Guardian 7) Q 8) E Slam) SS
  15. I'll first say that any class combination CAN be fine. If you know your class you can still perform well no matter the set up. But of course, there are optimal set ups. I would recommend one tank and at least one dps. The third person can really be anything they want. Tanks: Blade Master, Kung Fu Master These classes aren't meant to deal the highest DPS but they are good at holding aggro and keeping a boss in place. Technically any class can "tank" but these are simply the better ones. Blade Masters have party defense skills while Kung Fu Masters have party
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