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  1. I have heard from so many people that it is buggy. Sunday I was not able to receive it (with support basically just telling me "you did receive on Saturday"... except it was Sunday). And today, it says that I have obtained all of the login rewards even though I only logged in for an hour and was unable to retrieve any of it.
  2. I utilize a full stealth build and hope i dodge all the yellow aoes (70% of the time it works all the time). I run in, toss plaguemist and RMB (Blink Step) to get into stealth and start RMB F cancelling. With 507 AP, I can get 15+ prestige per captain depending on how many people there are.
  3. My characters are based off of OC designs so here they are! Jin Blade Master Jin Assassin Yun Force Master
  4. I'm honestly wondering about all these BMs talking about lack of focus with lightning build. We have so many methods to regen focus that in a minute, your time out of Draw Stance should be very low (less than 10 seconds if you manage all of your skills correctly). Once you get a good weapon (True Siren iirc) you have a chance to proc 100% focus regen on hit. Blade Call v skill regens a lot of focus so don't use your other focus regens with that up. Z near the end of Blade Call to regen focus (chance to proc weapon even without this specced). Then between Blade Calls, Sunder Sword for high f
  5. I have two alts, one level 50 the other level 47. This is how I divided my time. After getting my main to what I saw was a good gear level (awakened pirate) I started focusing on leveling my alts. I would do it incrementally at 5 levels at a time before switching to the next one but leveling took back seat to a little bit of farming on my main. Basically it was: do two dungeons on my main, start leveling alts. Now that one alt is at level 50 and the other is not far behind, I've stopped caring about rushing the third's level and just casually stroll through the story if I have time after some
  6. Just some close ups of my Yun FM <3
  7. Seriously though. Content is already released at an astonishingly fast rate but nooooo we always need the next thing... When KR inevitably gets a 10th class we are going to have to get it within the week
  8. Some of my perception of characters have changed since the new act because of story reasons so I'll just list my favorite from each act with no relation to future ones: Act 1: Dochun. This guy is like a father. He's so nice and so willing to help others. Act 2: Yehara. The way she just comes in and beats the shit out of everyone so effortlessly and yet so gracefully is something to aim for. Act 3: Iksanun. He seems like such a derpy guardian and I really like his silly voice. Act 4: Dochun. He comes back with a bang (okay, no
  9. My blademaster: He secretly wants to be a ballerina And somehow knows how to stand on the air My friend's FM giving me the cold shoulder :< Some other gifs I made with him:
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