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  1. df am i playing?

    It was literally just 1 side quest anyway (i don't really count the script changes as censoring that's localization, every game does that i don't really like the changes but in then end the story is the same) We all know the SJWs would have been up in arms about it and that probably just wasn't worth it for NC understandably they are a business after all.
  2. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    Another thing i didn't see mentioned here but was huge con for me against BDO are the Costumes the game has a Costume system similar to BnS but you can only buy them in the cash shop there are no costumes you can farm ingame at all (and they have stats which is a tiny bit p2w) same for pets and so on pretty much any customization of your char costs extra money or you will look pretty much the same from lvl 1-50 this wasn't that much of a problem in the Korean/Ru version since the costumes could be traded which led to total p2w in the game in turn so to avoid this total p2w system here in the west costumes will be untradeable for a while (Game will obviously still be total pay 2 win from the start since ppl will just buy gold from RMT traders and pwn you with their uber enchanted gear)).
  3. True but that doesn't make the rewards less useless.
  4. Mushin's Tower LAG problems

    Did you guys try to do a tracert to the gameserver first? Maybe it's just a routing problem you can use this to get the ip: http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/132252-blade-and-soul-ping-tool-reupload/
  5. Time to go

    Pretty much this the knowledge is very easy to find if you want.
  6. Mushin's Tower LAG problems

    Great that's at least something we can work with
  7. Mushin's Tower LAG problems

    See ? that's the problem you can't help anyone if they can't even distinguish between bad network latency which is caused by your connection to the server or bad performance which is caused by you computer/settings.
  8. Mushin's Tower LAG problems

    Cmon it even takes you to the article if you click on it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Input_lag the guy who last edited the wiki article obviously was a moron as well.
  9. Mushin's Tower LAG problems

    That's input lag which is like totally different ...
  10. Mushin's Tower LAG problems

    Lag is a term only for bad Network latency not bad performance get your facts straight: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lag
  11. Valentine's Day Costume

    Well they could have taken the rng box route again if you liked that better^^
  12. Mushin's Tower LAG problems

    Lag is not the same as bad fps when will ppl ever understand this....
  13. Wardrobe

    Honestly yes they should change premium to something more worthwhile (i don't see myself subscribing again on the current model there is no value in it the only worthwhile thing is the wardrobe by far) and give everyone access to the wardrobe this would actually benefit them as well since ppl don't buy outfits if they don't have any space to store them.
  14. Ah yeah good ol baba and his astrological hotline...