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  1. Does Anyone PvE with Inheritor Ring (pvp ring)

    No I meant shadow. I play both lightning and shadow and have never once had a focus issue in either. Unless you are pve'ing with bombard for some reason you shouldn't be having focus issues as a sin.
  2. New melee class for Lyns

    I'd rather they delete lyns.
  3. Does it ever get fun?

    The dungeons have an hm level recommendation when you view them. Dungeons with higher hm recommendations are harder and will be much more difficult without proper gear. While this isn't an exact science, it will at least give you some metric to decide whether you are ready or not.
  4. Does Anyone PvE with Inheritor Ring (pvp ring)

    Shadow sin doesn't have focus issues though?
  5. Is Thunderstruck bugged?

    What level are you?
  6. Not turning around during daze?

    Yes, it's pretty common, or at least every sin I know experiences it. It doesn't seem to be affected by ping (i've had it happen and my ping is sub 100, others i know have had it happen at higher pings), can happen even if the target is immobile/cced, and seems pretty inconsistent so it is hard to predict. It's pretty ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing annoying. It happens more frequently if you push f immediately after triggering 2 (but not every time). It's also not the only glitch in our kit. So yeah, feels good seeing Sin not be listed for bug fixes every patch.
  7. Status of Servers

    Q1 of NA BNS launch earned NCSoft over $17 million in revenue. Please tell me more about how they aren't even a multi-million dollar company. They make far and away more than enough money to not run this game like a slumlord.
  8. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    I'm pretty patient, but after a week+ of complete and utter trash performance I do start to wonder what exactly you all are doing. I've got 100 ms in game and it feels like i am playing with 500.
  9. Getting really freaking tired of losing battle points and rating points in 6v6 because the game randomly locks up and or insta crashes in 6v6. You guys have had hundreds of complaints about this issue and still nothing has changed. It's even worse because for some reason, unlike every other cross server function, we cannot reconnect to the match after we relog because it inexplicably instantly drops us from the party when we crash out of 6v6. Something needs to be done to resolve this issue.
  10. The focus issue is null unless the other party NEVER gets hit by soaring falcon (focus regen add unblockable knockdown opener on a 9s cd. BD's weakess to block approach is also not that big a weakness as they have THREE knockdowns and BD is insanely strong against grounded targets due to def/parry piercing sunder, ground defense break, phantom grip, etc. Spin's "weakness to counters" is offset by the fact that many classes have counters that apply cc that a spinning BD is immune to in the first place. Spin being vulnerable to knockdowns shouldn't even be called a weakness, it is the ONE THING that they aren't immune to and they can still parry that one thing if your timing is off even a little. More than a weakness it is the only counterplay a lot of people even have. BDs can still initiate a strong burst combo without LD using the aforementioned ground game, lightning draw is just a very strong icing on the cake. The biggest weakness bd has to exploit is their single escape. That's it. They really don't have anything else. In addition they somewhat offset that weakness with their high amount of iframe uptime. Especially since two of their iframes don't animation lock you, so they can do damage while invulnerable or run and play for time. Because it is unique to bd on melee classes, let's also point out they have THREE ranged skills that ignore block/counter (Phantom Grip Soaring Falcon, Blitzblade) all of which are effective combo openers. Saying BD "gets harder at the higher levels" is silly. Everything gets harder at the highest levels and yet BD is very well represented in the top 100 and top 50. I can't really accurately protray my feelings re: BD, but I think their risk/reward balance is way out of line. BDs don;t have to take on much risk when they take shots at dealing damage to opponents but their damage once they catch you is extremely strong. I personally would rework spin on both BD and Destro into a proper counter/block type skill as spin is, by design, stupidly broken in a pvp game entirely designed around cc combos and cc avoidance.
  11. [Update] Raid Sizes in Dark Origins

    This is extremely dissapointing. I and my clan were really looking forward to getting 12 man raids early as we can easily front 12 appropriately geared people but cannot front 24. We were finally going to be free of combined runs with other clans :\. Honestly NC i wish you would reconsider and release the 12 man raids on the 16th.
  12. Top Classes / Bottom Classes

    I think you should actually read what I said before popping off. I specifically said in an earlier post that fm is having a hard time in rankings earlier. I also never said it was OP in the post you are so enthusiastically going through without properly reading it. I said it was BINARY. In it's current form it is not a balancable class. If you buff it a little it becomes stupidly strong, if you nerf it a little it becomes atrociously weak. I don't think anything of the spreadsheet. It is at best anecdotal evidence. There is 0 hard data to back it up, and I see a bunch of idiots calling FM S tier despite FM getting stomped in the rankings board in every region. ACTUAL FACTS don't support the argument that FM is S tier. This is a core part of your entire argument and it is factually incorrect. Blade Dancer, with it's one escape, and BM, with it's one escape are doing way better in the rankings than FM with it's two escapes. It's as stupid as the WL that said WL was weak after the EU tourney.
  13. Top Classes / Bottom Classes

    I don't think it is bs, because all classes have different kits. FYI KFM, BD, BM all have a second escape, it just only works on grapples, grabs, and phantom grips. In addition each of those classes has their own strengths that other classes don't. How imbalanced do you think classes like blade dancer would be if all classes only had one escape? Huge iframe uptime, high burst, ranged grab, ranged block break, and a no cd skill that gives immunity to all but one form of cc AND IT CAN PARRY THAT FORM OF CC. Classes like destro, bd, fm, and lock would need complete reworks to even be within tolerable margins. Sin would have to have blue buff removed. Even then it would still need tweaking. The classes that can attack while using long duration iframes would be stronger than the classes whose iframes animation lock them. The only thing your suggestion really does imo is change which classes are perceived as S tier. It doesn't actually correct any balance issues. FM is a stupidly binary class due to how retarded a decision it was to make chill do what it does. A skill with no cd that locks other classes out of their movement based skills, roots them in place if too many stacks are applied, and allows for a no cd stun if enough stacks are applied was a poor design decision. It was even worse that they enabled these stacks to be applied both offensively and defensively and allowed the defensive version near constant uptime. Then you top it off with the fact that fm has a ton of self healing, a ton of utility, two escapes, range, a full complement of iframes, and is easy for beginners to get into and becomes stronger as their skills improve and you have an absolute monster to balance. The class's base is simply stupidly strong. So to balance they either gimp it into oblivion or let it be overpowered. There isn't really a middle ground for it.
  14. do i have to get flamed in nf and dt?

    I dunno about flaming people over gear, but I know a lot of people that get annoyed when someone tries to tell them when to use their class skills.
  15. 6v6 Clan BG

    No. Why do you feel other people should be unable to use the gear they farmed/paid for just because you don't have it?