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  1. Lag/lag spikes

    I am lagging too, it's worst in cross server dungeons, I have 2-3 sec freezes (freezes is maybe wrong word, I move and everything else freezes - typical lag), game is really unplayable. I play fps games nad never had an issue with lagging before..
  2. BnS VS WoW

    What wow ? Well I don't usually say "wow" but when I say "wow" I usually play BnS..
  3. If you struggle with faction dailies (lots of enemy faction players around and you don't have a party with you), then try to switch to other channel.
  4. Any tips to mine Viridian Quartz?

    - start the game early in morning, before going to school / work (not kidding, servers aren't that populated, I have a feeling I can find more stuff but it can be a placebo :) ) - teleport to good location, check nearby deposits - you can see the rock from distance ! - nothing ? Change channel and check same deposits again - channel switch has cooldown so in the meantime, try to check as most deposits in the area as you can There is no easy way, you just need to have bit of luck and patience. Gathering while questing is not that effective IMO.
  5. Hahah I feel your despair, I've spent lot of coins on keys last time I was searching for class weapon.. Don't worry, next one will be the 'right one'.. :)
  6. Is the game slowly dying?

    I don't think so, forum activity seems higher than ever before.. ALso there is new content releasing next month, if nothing else than this will keep people interested for some time.
  7. So Everyone Saying Stop Waiting On PC

    I mean I can now sleep well overall.. I am finishing my work in 20 minutes and I hope that by the time I get home, servers will be online ;) Just need to buy some green tea, OP inspired me..
  8. Banned for being AFK?

    They implemented auto-kick for AFK players.. Why hell would they need to ban them ? You got banned for something different and I bet you can figure it out what for.
  9. So Everyone Saying Stop Waiting On PC

    Thank you for answering my questions, now I can finally sleep well..
  10. WHat to do after reaching cap 50

    then the age of 'getting rekt in the arena' will come
  11. So Everyone Saying Stop Waiting On PC

    I am alwasy fascinated when someone uses the word 'porn' and 'phone' in one sentence.. Don't you have bigger screen to watch porn on ? Isn't the display shaking a bit when you are 'watching teh stuff' ? Are you able to see anything at all on that small display ? Yeah some of the jokes are funny, f.e. that one about phone display size started to increase as soon as people found they can watch porn on phone.. What if your girlfriend grabs your phone when in need of some quick check on internet ?
  12. I don't like it

    Are you on your period ? Just curious.
  13. The mob drops are really silly, if there is really +100% for premium users, it does not make much of a difference.. But let me understand your situation. So you don't have enough money to afford monthly subscription of a game you like. That is completely OK. But shouldn't you be happy that this company is giving you an opportunity to play the game for free ? I want I must get I am entitled to.. That is just a delusion, guys..
  14. Oh so these cosmetic items can drop even from loot boxes ? Good to know... And congrats ofc, I got my evolve purple weapon in 13th dungeon run and I was starting to be desperate.. I see it's nothing when compared to your amount of attempts lol
  15. Leveling tips

    The problem of skipping some quests is that they could be a part of a quest-chain so you won't get the future ones. Though I admit, skipping certain quests is good idea, if you overlevelled the current area.