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  1. haven't seen a single glove drop, 2/3 of those runs were duo
  2. XML is automatically turned on in the official client after Wednesday's patch. I'm not bragging about it, good sir. I'm stating a fact. If you did not know that, then that's probably the reason why you're doing less ani-cancelling than before. It adjusts to your ping after a few hits, so if you're spiking, the client itself will adjust to that ping for your game play to be "smooth". And maybe I should have reworded it because of the confusion... AFTER Wednesday's patch, I was doing LESS perfect ani-cancels compared to before the patch. I never said I took advantage or edited
  3. I don't have stable ping like you do, a few spikes here and there but I was ani-cancelling my rods atleast 85% of the time before the patch. Now after NCSOFT turned on the automatic global cool time in the official client, I have almost an equal mixture of both perfect cancels and what you call "safe cancels".
  4. Hey, I'm having the same problem as you after Wednesday's patch.
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