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  1. Well, if you like this kind of music (like me). Search in youtube, Wagakki Band or Rin You might like them... Cheers.
  2. I'm sorry to hear that 90% of the MMORPG you played have forum like this. Most of the MMORPG you played must be the ones that have lots of problem. A healthy MMORPG usually have a healthy Community, most of the forum is filled with discussion of gameplay instead of QQ. I experienced some of those in Eve Online, in FFXIV, and some other MMORPG. People said about toxic community, well IMO, the condition in the game play a big role in how the community develop.
  3. You're welcome. No more keys, guys. It probably ran out within several hours. Lol...
  4. This is why I didn't give direct link. There's always people that jump to conclusion. Ah well, moot point anyway. Only 500+ keys left.
  5. Currently, there's giveaway in MMORPG(dot)Com MMORPG.com has been given special gift keys to celebrate the Silverfrost Mountains content update that just went live! These keys will give you cool items such as Sunglasses, Hongmoon Unsealing Charms and more! Get your key now while supplies last! Edited : 0 Keys Left Each gift pack will give players the following Hongmoon Unsealing Charms Traditional Hongmoon Dragon Soup Hongmoon Keys Sunglasses It was 10k, and dropping fast. I didntt give a link. But, if any of you guys intere
  6. It's clan costume, I will assume it going to result in more than 1 items/production.
  7. Nvm... check the video around 2:43. LOL, no wonder HQ fabric increase in price.
  8. Btw, by customizable guild costume, i was talking about this thing... Which should be coming in next patch.
  9. Before the Silverfrost announcemet High Quality Fabric was priced at around 2G, after that it raises to 3G, now after the date is announced, it increased to 5G. I managed to get some of them at 3G prices. But, it kinda make me curious...
  10. This. In korea, people need to use identification number to play the game, even if it is F2P.
  11. Bringing Paypal into this kind of problem will most likely result in Permanent Account Ban. I saw this kind of situations in others MMORPG. When your account locked, You should have contacted NCSoft, ask them to unlock it and keep asking the CS for additional premium membership day for the days you lost because you locked out. Bring Paypal to do chargeback, only if you no longer interested in playing this game.
  12. ^this. You hear that, NCSOft ? This is an opportunity. You should put a shop in forum, where people can buy Avatar, and pay some cash for features. 30 Days Premium forum membership -> enable posting image in forum. Non premium can only put white text
  13. I don't regret what I have spent. They're worth it. But I have decided, I will not buy more premium, or spend anymore. I don't feel that much entertained with all the problems that this game have.
  14. Why does people tend to give solution that make the game smaller and smaller ? 1. The bots are farming outfit for fabric Solution : make all outfit dropped non-salvagable Result : No bot farming outfit, but outfit transmuting balance go FUBAR. 2. People use dirty image as profile Solution : Remove ability to upload picture Result : Everyone look the same. and this, I have to question this. Is it really ? Removing all player trade and making everything BoA = won't create bigger issue than bots ? It wo
  15. My friends play in other version of BnS, and they said the soulstone priced dropped because bots can farm soulstones on repeatable quests after patch 50.
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