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  1. Evil ? Pirate King ? heh.. Nothing, no costume whatsoever that look more evil than My Angel.
  2. *musing aloud* Why am I more creeped out by the idea of Mature Men playing CuteBoy Lyn than the idea of Mature Men playing cute Yun ?
  3. That look really good ! Sweetfx ?
  4. Re-rolling Asssasin. Meet Jesse Jyansei.
  5. Naah, It's a fail Gif. It didn;t form a loop. I have no no more energy to edit it.
  6. I found the still picture to be better than the gif. To be honest i never thought it was THAT difficult to find a free software to crop a video and changed it into a a gif. *facepalm* learning something new everyday in the pursuit or porn...
  7. Granpa look happy. He looks really really Happy.
  8. Rief

    Dungeon AFKers

    Agree. The AFKer is truly annoying. I have to say, this a rare condition where even a bot is preferable. At least they tried to pull their own weight.
  9. Yeah, I agree with OP, it's P2W. People that willing to pay have huge advantage/boost over people not paying. But, well, I kinda winning (in my own term) without paying that much, and I enjoy this game. So whether it's P2W or not, are moot for me. I enjoy this game and having fun with it, I will keep playing. Seriously, the function of a game is entertainment, it's to have fun. When you stick in a game that's no longer fun, It's not the game that's failed. It's you.
  10. Too bad the black and red hair have not been released yet. Why is it so blurry ?
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