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  1. Evil ? Pirate King ? heh.. Nothing, no costume whatsoever that look more evil than My Angel.
  2. *musing aloud* Why am I more creeped out by the idea of Mature Men playing CuteBoy Lyn than the idea of Mature Men playing cute Yun ?
  3. That look really good ! Sweetfx ?
  4. Re-rolling Asssasin. Meet Jesse Jyansei.
  5. Naah, It's a fail Gif. It didn;t form a loop. I have no no more energy to edit it.
  6. I found the still picture to be better than the gif. To be honest i never thought it was THAT difficult to find a free software to crop a video and changed it into a a gif. *facepalm* learning something new everyday in the pursuit or porn...
  7. Granpa look happy. He looks really really Happy.
  8. Rief

    Dungeon AFKers

    Agree. The AFKer is truly annoying. I have to say, this a rare condition where even a bot is preferable. At least they tried to pull their own weight.
  9. Too bad the black and red hair have not been released yet. Why is it so blurry ?
  10. Epic. I was staring at that picture for 5 second, expecting the buttons to burst.
  11. Meet my Blademaster Jyan Doe. Like Wine, Age make him more classy (it kinda subjective though).
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