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  1. This is best mmo i have played, i love story and graphic and music :) combat is fun to play and it is in my opinion best game ever.I played it from start, i remember i was awake at 5 am watching stream before going live first day and it was so nice <3 i got to play only 7 hours becouse i needed to go to work but it was soo nice i was amazed :) before that i was playing on some private server but i was happy finaly going to play it on real server.poh dungeon was best :) lots of players and every dungeon was nice in lfr even lower ones :) grind was not too bad and i enjoyed upgreading all my
  2. yes i want to brag im here on behalf on all free to play users that some players call low gear noobs cuz we dont have 1.2k ap full VT....and when someone post results of 200 trove keys or 150 boxses or 3000 boxses then it is ok? that is not braging? i wanted to post my results too, and i did if u dont like it its not my problem :)
  3. Just wanted to post result, i was like should i buy 3 box to try and get something sweet? ok let excange 200g and try my luck....ty for octa BnS devs :D i fell the love for all free users :) never gonna give any money in this game cuz u can get everything for free :) gj devs gj :)
  4. Someone knows does spider fang still drop? cuz im farming it and always get 5 potions from chest after i kill spider queen.....
  5. well im not shure what i am looking for.....and what u mean buy that thing that are useful for progression? u got any tips what to do?
  6. im back after some time, reached lvl 55 still got some quest to do...just wanted to ask what profesions to take? is it good to make gems? or repair hammers? what is good atm on server?
  7. yeah i just wanted to help :) i read it on some site and i wanted many ppl to know this so they can do it :) share love for bns :)
  8. nah i read it i didnt know what to say for weapon skin , just wanted to say him what is best way to get wapon with 6 slots for gems like i did....i got weapon with 3 slots and i was not going to spend 1000g on unlocking slots so i just give him advice cuz he is new and i am new so i dont want him to make mistake of spending golds on hammers
  9. u can buy new weapon from naryu coin merchant for 5 naryu coins (purple coins) and bes thing is u can buy it many times u get weapon with random number of slots for gem so u need to buy it untill u got weapon with 6 unlocked slots....becouse hammer is around 60 gold and u need 7 hammers to unlock 1 slot xD so there u go u got ur self legendary weapon xD
  10. Im new and i need help with this,i got pet from story and i see i can buy pet aura....can u use pet aura only once? and what is best pet to use it?or best pet aura?anyway im not into buying stuff i just need way to grind it and some help :D
  11. so i returned in game and i have some gems like 4 of them....buit i dont know how to get new gems??there is no good gems on market?how do u farm gems?xD
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