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  1. Gems for weapon?

    The heal and the life drain amethyst are the same except the life drain takes the health from the mob you hit. So 100 life drain is hitting them for 100, and healing you for 100 while the instant recovery just gives you 100 health. As for the ruby, people are aiming for getting a ruby with a crit effect on it instead of the additional damage. Additional damage is only really good at lower levels when mob health is low. I think the hexagonal gem gives like 360 damage and if you've ever payed attention to the ruby in battle, the CD on the effect is huge compared to what you're actually getting from it. Same reason people aren't using the stun ruby. The 25 AP diamond is actually pretty cheap once you reach end-game level. You can easily buy it just from the story quest income from Silverfrost Mountains
  2. Need to slow content patches or lower upgrade costs

    You missed the point. Find a guild or a group of players in the same boat as you and help each other with old content. This game isn't balanced around solo players
  3. Need to slow content patches or lower upgrade costs

    Breaking news: MMO game encourages working with others in some sort of weird multiplayer fashion. Studies are showing that playing an MMO as it was intended to play somehow increases the efficiency of playing while decreasing the difficulty compared to players who try to solo every damn thing and then give up when faced with a little adversity
  4. Need to slow content patches or lower upgrade costs

    Why exactly do you have to stay caught up? This game is still alive and kicking in other regions so that means they're still getting new players in. They're definitely not caught up to endgame content but it's not a problem to them. Take the game at your own pace instead of worrying that you won't get to do a new 4man dungeon the day it's released
  5. About Flawless gems

    From what I see, there's two types of gems. There's hongmoon gems which are untradeable and there's just the regular flawless gems. They both seem to drop from the troves but it's extremely rare for the tradeable versions to drop(I've gotten the hongmoon ruby and sapphire out of like 200 boxes)
  6. EU Maintenance times...

    Only on these forums would there be a conspiracy theory about a company changing their maintenance times
  7. Please put Pirate / Siren Emblems on HM coin tab

    They weren't in the Hongmoon Coin store last I checked. So does this post mean they were supposed to be included for both NCoins and HM Coins?
  8. Need confirmation NA secret techniques

    Press U, click on Character tab, click on Skills tab, find the achievement for your class's LMB skill, eat the rest of the foods in that achievement
  9. Remove weapons from SSP

    That's like saying we shouldn't ban them because they'll just make a new account and hack some more and that the devs should focus on making it so people decide they want to play the game fairly instead of cheating. The weapons in SSP are overtuned. Even if you're fighting against a real player, chances are you'll get one shot by them if they have a weapon. Now if you combine it with speed hacks, you have players that you normally couldn't kill with weapons that will insta-kill you. So some speedhacker is running around farming prestige by one shotting everyone in the opposing faction and then getting to run away without anyone to stop him. At least if he wasn't speedhacking, someone would have seen him coming and pulled him into the group to be CCd to death. There's a reason why they fixed the bug that let assassins use a weapon while stealthed.
  10. Bring back the Small Dragon Certificate

    Maybe you could try leveling up your alt and getting them through Mushin's tower and the new heroic dungeons. They were removed so bots couldn't just farm arena all day and get the certs from standing AFK in the moonwater dungeons
  11. Suggestion:Remove AP on non-main weapon

    Most of them would be stopped by RNG and the time it takes to actually get the right weapon to drop. Imagine seeing bots farming Hujikar all day because they need to upgrade their weapon and the right one won't drop. They'll end up spending keys and unsealing charms to upgrade their gear because they can't just grab a weapon from a field boss or even the weapons you get from doing the story quest
  12. No just go down the pirate path. You're basically paying twice the amount of gold and mats to get the same stats
  13. Bid System Changes - Speeding up the process

    It'd be fine if a new bid didn't reset what you were typing your bid to be. It also would be much better if auctions wouldn't pop up in the middle of a fight
  14. Remember to always read between the lines
  15. HUGE breaches in NCsoft account "security"

    At the very least they should make it so you need the authenticator to be able to change your account info. If you can't get the code for the authenticator, you'd have to contact support and answer questions about your account to prove that you made it.