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  1. Finally met a summoner bot , so here's a promised video
  2. Good bye, BnS forum!

    This is my 400th post, with at least half of my post trying to help someone, a quarter for trolling the cry babies, and the last quarter for chit-chatting. And my experience of the forum? Providing alternative for a problem = white knight Apparently, being neutral to sides and just focusing on problem = NCsoft's white knight <-- main problem Advising how to go against summoner = You're a kfm, you have no say Welp, kfm deals well with most classes (slight disadvantage against sin) when you know every classes well, but being good means you're not allowed to advice! (unless you're a popular streamer with fans backing you up). Although i do pm with moderator at times to indicate certain problem (and usually it's a legit message of a legit problem), but they disabled that functionality (probably due to too many stupid question/harassment pm towards them), now that I don't have a solid contact for a solid problem = No more fun for me (they and only a tiny fraction of sane peeps in the forum are the only reason i'm willing to stay) Oh well, can no longer procrastinate in this toxic forum. You win trolls and crybabies, you win! (Requesting eternal suspend on my forum account to prevent me from coming here please @Rukkirii) PS: KFM best class, don't even need 3rf to trash you noobs. Suck it~~
  3. Answered

    uh, you gotta ask the clan leader why instead of asking us..? each clan has their own clan rule :/
  4. if bd uses immune, use a dash (Q/E) and immediately a damage activated ice sheath. if they're still immune by the last 2 second of your sheath, break out of it manually (or else you're in for more shit), use the other QE, ice sheath again (fight resist with resist). use force grip as a mean to gain distance from them (since you know they'll break it, use it when your back is 7~8m from the wall, that way when they break it, you will be pushed to the wall thus not needing to waste an F/Tab to escape from knockdown.) ^Note: make sure to QE or resist after that cause they will charge you right away. count their spin and try to predict when they will throw their sword, save your stun/daze/resist for this, successfully cancelling this skill (by CC-ing them before it hit you or by ice sheath), they will not have more than 3 focus by now, they'll either spin or charge at this state, abuse your chance at this state (or more resist if you want)).
  5. Difference in ELO NA vs EU

    sounds like EU bot need to buck up they'll never get to plat at this rate D:
  6. The way you quote + edited it, It's funny lol. YEAAA KFM NEW SUMMONER, actually, what do you call something that removes shins from people?
  7. Team combos and team setups

    Guess you noobs have not seen 3 kfm trashing 3 summoner hard :/, oh well, go on with your salty journey
  8. Team combos and team setups

    @Vanquishz if you're gonna be sarcastic and unhelpful in every post, might as well quit if you're so unsatisfied with the game :/ I personally find that having 1 for pure assist (interfere) and delaying the battle and then the other 2 be a dps/dps will be pretty optimal. Note that i din't mention any class because any class can be dps/assist type based on their build. my own favorite however is kfm/kfm/fm, kfm does CC, on hit confirm, with the help of FM, instant out in 5 second or less if big mistake were make. (I played with 3x kfm team, it was hilarious, 12sec IFRAME PEOPLE (QE = 3 second + trinket = 1 sec iframe, tag immediately after tab escape used, only have 3 second cooldown till the next 4 sec iframe is ready, trolling team to the max)
  9. ELABORATE summoner guide.

    and then kfm comes in... HADOKEN (comet punch), both get dazed, Summoner gets out and recall it's cat, Shun Goku Satsu (flurry), both get dazed if (or 1 of the 2 get dazed more than once), summoner tabs, cat remains dazed Tatsumaki Zankukyaku (rising dragon), both get stunned (or 1 of it, depending if both are in range or not Tremor, both get stunned for 3 seconds, shins were broken at this stage (cat usually dies by this stage). and to end it all, finisher move: SHORYUKEN. K.O. O wait, this isn't street fighter
  10. inb4 another noob come in saying "bet you're one of the scummoner". Heck, as kfm, I enjoy the intense fight against every class. These high plat knows their shit that every class has a potential to screw me over hard
  11. soul fighter = Kung Force Master :D
  12. Idea to fix bots

    doing a verification on every attempt to enter cross server sounds good to me, if the bot doesn't know how to answer the question that is
  13. FM Vs. KFM and Sin

    how to target an invinsible sin: Make sure you're aiming infront of where they are facing right now, this is the same logic as GunZ online where what you see now might not really be where they are due to latency, for the evade part, pray to RNGesus more, at least you got impact to use, as a KFM, I'm cursing at RNGesus a lot T.T against KFM: If they SS, use 1 of your dash will be ideal, once you avoided them with a dash, freeze and get behind them.
  14. summoner hack

    nobody said it's okay, it's more of a "while you wait for a fix" alternative. Better have temporary solution than none, yes?