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  1. Agreed. Feels bad and buying no more premium from now on.
  2. Same, I would like to get a refund as well if it doesn't revert back.
  3. ^This. I'm done supporting until this company hire non-idiots, or at least have the common decency to respond instead of constant MILKING. I'm such a dumb*** for leaving Black Desert and coming back here.
  4. ^ Yeah, there is always going to be some loser with his phat ass stationed on his chair all day, being asshats toward other players to deal with their frustration of self-realization how much of a *************** they are. Sad shizzle, plus they are everywhere. Learn to ignore them. :/ Also, you should screenshot the profane language and send in a ticket to report them.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if this game dies in 2019. This is the first time I have experienced a big MMORPG game ignore Christmas theme and events. I already regret leaving Black Desert and coming back to this game. This year just goes to show how much effort they decide to allocate into milking players (trove) compared to player satisfaction.
  6. Yes currently is fine, I'm talking about if they did what BNS RU did and gave 10 instead of 5 to fast parties. Everyone would keep leaving parties until they find one with a strong player.
  7. With a decent HM 12, the boss dies in a minute or less. I have had parties all HM 4 or lower, all present and doing mechs and it takes up to 3-4 minutes. This time gap is a big deal if you want that extra 5 mushroom from the soup, Hence people will be leaving lowbie parties more often.
  8. Possibly this. HOWEVER, may I remind you guys that if fast runs receive that many more mushrooms, it would be hectic trying to find a party on your alts because everyone wants a geared player for the extra shrooms. I would rather not spend 10 minute just to find a party without people leaving for a chance at a stronger party.
  9. I would not spend to mail them around characters, but this is a neat idea for those with $$$ to spare.
  10. They had this issue for a long time now. The wait can go up to 12 hours for each purchase. I suggest you buy Ncoins off amazon, it's instant.
  11. It's not just you, This happens when I wear the Wintertide costume, also I notice that shadowing around environmental objects such as Logs and other things (which I do not recall). Not sure how to get rid of it though..
  12. Seriously. It's not a hard bug to fix and it's been here since Gunslinger launch. Get your game on NCsoft/Devs! For F*** sake. (When using shadow reload, the special effects/glow on weapon may disappear).
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