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  1. I have been an avid fan of blade and souls PvP ever since the start, i'm closing in on 2000 games now. I finally managed to climb to 1750 facing a various amount of classes untill i legitimately hit a wall of summoners. Spending so much time building up my rating having extremely nice games got completely ruined by a streak of 7 summoners (all different ones). I am trying my utter best to win, and very occasionally if i'm playing vs a retard, i do manage to snipe a win if i put in every amount of effort that i can. There are also summoners who i think downranked just to get beans that completely shat on me leaving the arena with 100% health 2 times. Due to the fact that summoners are also very favoured against assassin's, i run into really good assassin's aswell making it almost impossible for me to climb unless i'm twice as good as who i am facing, but i'm not at that stage yet. I understand that blademaster's have a kit that is extremely hard to master and i am still practicing my heart out, but playing against a dominant class that is so common who i have absolutely no chance against is just draining all the fun i have.
  2. [NA]10 BM's in the top 500

    Honestly, you can thank summoners for that. You will never win against a summoner with a bit of brain, it's litterally 10/90%. Due to the ladder being swarmed with them, it's the main reason for that. It's also sins that are troubled with summoners that you get matched against (another very favourable matchup against BM) making it extremely hard to climb.
  3. The official complaint thread.

    My official complaint. I wanna try out my class with the new HM skills + extra points (BM) but i'm being so severely cockblocked by the 200+ ping EU servers have that i just cannot play and have avoided arena for the past 5-6 days except tag. When your wins rely on perfectly playing out your cc's and the sudden 2 sec spike makes u hit into a parry spin instead of him you can just go afk and cry. On another note: *cricket* assassin's. I'd rather have my balls cut off then having to play them in arena.
  4. I wonder if he has the hongmoon skill unlocked.
  5. Before the season ended, i managed to hit platinum on BM, this patch i'm struggling to stay out of silver. Blademasters were supposely really good this patch, but i'm feeling the additional 5 skillpoints has helped other classes way more then us. The reason i made this thread was to see if we should wait with judging untill we have the full 11 points and hongmoon. Assassin: It was already a hard matchup, but it feels like it became harder. They have something to stop you from using charge skills, smoke bomb openers are more consistent and they also have lotus on top of that. How we supposed to beat this? The amount of mistakes they can make feels like doubled. Avoiding their opener is very hard, and it'll already chunk you for 30% hp or so. Destroyers: Haven't played much against them this patch, but still lose 80% of the time. They can spin 10 times, if u hit into their parry block once you are absolutely *cricket*ed, it either forces you too tab a followup, or take a nice 50% hp. 1 mistake after that and it's game. I even lose against destroyers who have absolutely no clue how to ani cancel, and they still do retarded amounts of damage (or i'm just used to BM hitting like a girl). LBD'S: I have played vs LBD's that popped tab after an aerial knockdown for absolutely no reason and still lost. This class is badly designed. They have no cooldown of aerial combos, a free 5 sec immunity which u can only iframe 2 sec of, and apparently got a way to stop us from blocking now during the 5 sec window. You have to perserve your tab for draw stance if you fail to 360 degree block it. Seriously, who gives a class a stun into draw stance with barely any chi cost that hits for more then 3 chi RMB? FM: Haven't seen them much, they feel much stronger and not as one sided as before, i have won against bronze-silvers, but barelly managed to beat gold fm's. Maybe i'm missing something. KFM: Their Iframes > yours, it's simple as that. They can walk to you while spamming block, and there's nothing you can do. Once in range, they can iframe forcing you to iframe and that's basically a losing battle for a BM. Superior damage and better ways to deal with blocks. Summoner: Still the same as before, nerf or buff, they have always been our worst matchup. We simply lack the damage to DPS them down before the cat gets a 2nd or 3rd ground cc off. Maybe if you play this perfectly, and the summoner has no idea how to press A on cat with bladecall.. you might be able to beat a few here and there. I wonder, what exactly does our hongmoon change, is it good enough for the lack of dps? I've found that performing a perfect combo is extremely unrewarding. You dump out 5 cc's with a ton of RMB and the guy just sits at 60% hp. After that, you have no fuel left for a good amount of time. I've managed to train my reflexes pretty well, manage to pull off a lot of valuable plays, but it still doesn't feel like it's enough.
  6. I'm actually gonna try and do some math. Charge 2 sec (stun) Shoulder charge 3 sec (Daze) Anklebiter 2 sec (knockdown) Raid 2 sec (Stun/daze/knockback depending on what u use it on, let's assume stun) Kick 2 sec (knock down) Lunar slash daze (3 sec) Lightning retribution 2 sec (Daze) That is the amount of cc we have. On paper, it sounds like incredibly much but in reality, it's barelly enough. 1 stun get's tabbed 1 daze get's f'd 1 knockdown gets 3'd. Let's assume the perfect rotation: Z - charge (they tab). Kick (They 3) Anklebiter (they F) Shoulder charge (Now we have momentum) (Shoulder Charge) - |A| - RMB - RMB - (2) - RMB - |E| - LMB - (Lunar daze) - LMB - LMB - LMB - |A| - LMB - RMB - RMB - |E| - (Kick) - Backroll/3. ^ This entire combo is worth around 40% hp if executed perfectly with no gaps, this also means that you have absolutely no cooldowns left and are exceptionally vulnerable for the next X amount of seconds. this is also based on my own experience where people insta tab on the opener, not taking into account when they do it mid combo when you have just regained chi with LMB nullifying a shitton of damage. I'm not gonna count lightning retribution because it all depends on circumstance, you're not gonna blow your flock/call out of the blues and you won't have bladecall against 4 matchups where u can fit in another 2 sec daze for a few more RMB (LBD/Destro/Summoner/Assa) With Tab down, bladecall, an additional daze from retribution it is still not enough to kill someone. that's the absolute best case scenario. There's 2 classes with lots of cc less and much less rotation involved that can 100-0 in such circumstances. The above situation is if every single thing you do (we are talking 8 cc's) connect PERFECTLY using the duration at it's fullest potential. I also just realised that LBD's get more RMB's through with 1 stun during draw stance that also hit for more damage. The more i think about it, the crazier it gets.
  7. Tag match madness

    You can bet your ass that once one is gripped/grappled either the sum/destro will tag in with red buff to dps. Cancel out the grip and try to get as many tag ins as possible so you can 1v1 them. Honestly, most platinum destro's in tag aren't good, they win by team synergy and lack of communication in the opposite team.
  8. Yeah i just read, rofl! that's probably one of the biggest buffs we can get, it's actually nuts. Will we still play with 4 points in breeze? I assume you're gonna use your bladecall window of opportunity like you right now, but with extra points available i'm gonna assume our dps is gonna be much higher aswell? I wonder if we are capable of killing someone in a good bladecall combo without tab available.
  9. UnBalanced Classes

    I'm a BM aswell. Assassin is a favoured matchup, but it's by no means as bad as people make it out to be. Learn to know when to block and not, cancelling body swap is very important. Check your debuffs. The butterflies make it so you can't block and that they can port behind you, SS this. Five point strike is strong when you see them block, instead of going stealth you will continue chasing them and knock them out of stealth. Kick into their woodblock for a free stun.
  10. Siren Illusion Weapon Skin

    What mats exactly do you need? I'm interested because i might dedicate doing it.
  11. Siren Illusion Weapon Skin

    Can anyone explain why they are at 50+ gold?
  12. It is very strange indeed, the amount of times my shoulder charge / kick miss on a target who is hopping and right in my face is pretty insane. It's very costly when things like that happen
  13. They don't need a nerf, other classes just need a few more answers. Summoners are really bad in korea atm and it should not be happening to NA/EU either. I'm a blademaster.
  14. It is actually balanced, you get a ton more opportunity to RMB aswell. Imagine LBD with our CC only needing 1 focus per. Holy ... I honestly believe it's just to have some variety in gameplay.
  15. Very hard changing your strategy when options are very limited though. that's my point. playing against a summoner who knows your skill somewhat will make you eat dirt. Needless to say, i do enter my games with a very optimistic mindset because even if i'm at a disadvantage, i have a ton to learn still and that's what's most important for me right now. I'll take on any match against any class/player.
  16. I don't think winning vs a good summoner is possible, S_PvP is a diamond ranked BM that wins less then 50% vs gold summoners, let alone platinum+. Our only real windows are anklebiter, tab (3 sec daze), 3 in draw stance and flicker if you hit both in order to dps freely, all the other cc's or aerial combos can get denied by the pet. We can't get bladecall, because the pin down from cat requires 3 in flock or you're litterally toast. It has a 1 min cooldown so if you cannot beat the summoner before they have another pindown, forget about it. Even grapple escaping tab won't be enough. They heal for a shitton and do more damage then you. You're limited to 4 cc's if perfectly executed and don't forget they can flower block the anklebiter, making it 3. In a span of 8 seconds, there is absolutely NO way you can kill a half brained summoner. Scenarios. Charge opener is no option, either bubble and yolo or shoot from max range will beat your charge LMB/RMB. During 3 sec tab daze, they can F back. Byebye cc. During anklebiter they can sit on the ground with flower spam Once you flicker into A RMB RMB 2, they can jump out with tab 3 is usually the only thing that does damage which ofcourse gets completely nullified by their heals.
  17. Top classes in Korea?

    I tend to believe the top 20 in general is just because the players that are sitting there are really gifted players that whichever class they'd end up playing, they'd have the same result. I was watching a korean stream yesterday and he says that the current tier as it is is. 1) Destroyer 2) Assassin 3) LBD 4 ) Blademaster 5) everything else.
  18. 3 classes need to be fixed

    Yeah i understand you completely, destroyers are honestly the most dominant. It's not neccesarily because of their 100-0 combo, but it is part of it for sure. The thing that i have vs destroyers is let's say i never use tab because if i do and get locked, i'm dead. But if i decide not to tab a stun, i'll still receive 30-50% ''chip damage'' which eventually leads me to tab. That's always the issue vs destroyers, once a stun goes off, you're in a huge disadvantage. I think the main issue destroyers are balanced is due to their animations being slow compared to other classes (lbd for example, super fast, but less damage). If for example an LBD catches you with a stun, you don't really tab unless it's draw stance poke into RMB's. But if they stun you, you don't end up being nearly dead if you don't tab.
  19. 3 classes need to be fixed

    I have 250 tag games so i'm not new to tag. It's true that there are certain combos that are ridiculously strong in.. anything that includes a LBD/Destro + grip. When they tag to go offensive during grip you tag to go defensive during grip, it's that simple. If you know you're up against a combination that can tear your appart during a 6 second window, you simply tag out if your defensives are on cd so you don't die, or wait with using them untill someone tags in. Again, tag should not be used as balance because certain combos will be more dominant over others due to synergy rather then balance issues. Needless to say. The current ranking is still Destroyer Assa LBD coming from a korean professional streamer.
  20. 3 classes need to be fixed

    Playing with random people in a tag match should not be your pov when it comes to balance. The fact you didn't tag out after blowing your defensives vs such a lineup is more of a l2p issue tbh. The combo you faced was extremely strong, but that was more lineup then anything. Them not tagging in because they were not expecting it was more lack of information then anything. It's a very obvious combo which everyone and their mother can respond too. I'm a BM so don't start with ''you're one of those''.
  21. FM WON

    Game 2 where the blademaster got rekt was just as one sided as the first and last match though. Currently the ranking in korea based on what koreans diamond streamers say is: 1 Destroyer 2 Assassin 3 LBD 4 Blademaster 5 Everything else.
  22. Losing Faith

    Stop with your entire way of thinking. You're in for 300 games, that's honestly nothing. Start small, you're wanting way too much. Yeah.. You might be gold or w/e while so many people aren't. But that's not the point. Often many people need more time then others to learn but that doesn't mean you can't get to their level. You seem to suffer from a case many people do, thinking too much. Take a step back and practice in what you feel you fall short at. You having problems doing an efficient 3rf? Start with 1, then 2, then 3. Feel good about small steps you're improving in rather then looking at the whole picture. If you managed to pull a combo off better then the game before and u still lost? Well, u learned and you are improving. eventually you'll get to the point where everything becomes muscle memory and you'll be dominant. As long as you don't wall yourself off like you are doing right now because you're frustrated.
  23. Real talk about BM please

    I wouldn't think too much about your wins and losses at this point and more about the amount you can still learn while waiting for the balance patch. Blademaster is in a very bad shape. Every class right now has a way better kit then BM to fight with and there's nothing a BM excells at. It doesn't mean it's impossible to win, but you'll have to outplay most matchups heavily in order to win. I advice you to train your ground game as effectively as possible because that's gonna be a huge part in bm's eventual strategy once we get more skillpoints. Practicing this right now will give you a tremendous advantage once blademaster gets buffed. Groundgame basically means that once you have someone under some form of CC or after aerial combo, you keep them on the ground min-maxing your dps output by efficiently using your chi while keeping the target cc'd. Basically stun - draw stance - rmb - rmb - E - Cc - Lmb - Lmb - cc - Rmb - Rmb - Rmb etc.. Just an example. Make sure you play aggressive, force out potential answers your opponent has (Tab / F roll / 3 / 1) and once all their resources are depleted, use your remaining CC to squeeze in as much dps as you can without wasting any cc. It's a hard to pull combo because it's all situational and messing up 1 cc like hitting into an assassin ground block will set you back big time. About assassin's. It's your toughest matchup along with summoners at probably a 10-20% win chance. (Lower vs summoner in general). What i've noticed is 2 key things. If they stealth at the start, try to predict their shuriken that puts a bomb on your back by iframing it and if u fail, predict when he comes into your back for the stun and Iframe that instead (Turn around and Press E/A). Stopping one of these openers is really crucial. Despite this though, they still have a whole arsenal to work with and can probably mess up 2-3 times before being at a disadvantage whereas you as BM have to play it out perfectly.
  24. What i see S_PvP do a lot vs LBD (diamond BM) is exactly like you open, Z into 2. If they use trinket, perfect. If not just air combo for damage. Mostly they'll just roll out after the air combo and then you can use C (the charge version with 0 chi regen) to daze them. If they do not trinket u can proceed to A and do a ton of damage untill they trinket. mostly after that they'll spin and then u can knockdown into tab daze into a lot of damage again. Against immunity, he usually just blocks, there's a moment where the LBD goes into the back for a stun and he manages to time that aswell (with a block) but i'm not 100% sure how it works. It does sound easier said then done though and requires a lot of practice, but you'll eventually be able to beat them.
  25. Why the BM badmouthing?

    Blademaster at the moment is very skillpoint starved. Playing a Blademaster at a viable/competable level is extremely difficult compared to other classes. AAlaguna is a 2100 diamond assassin who mained BM before and is stuck at 1650 gold with his BM. SS_PvP on the other hand is a diamond BM and plays incredibly well, it's unreal. The biggest issue with what is currently left of BM is that your rotation has to be absolutely flawless if you want a chance. Where a destroyer can simply kill you if your tab is on cd (and they have plenty of ways to bait this out) you as a BM to compete with the type of damage destroyers can dish need to do a 20-22 button combo that includes 6-7 cc's which puts you at about 50-60% of the damage of a decent ani cancel dps, that's how underpowered BM is atm. What will change at the 50+hongmoon patch afaik 1) Our Z throw with hongmoon level pierces defense and stuns for 3 sec. This is incredibly huge because it's basically like assassin shuriken where the only counter is iframing it. If not, you'll be stunned for 3 sec and you're in for a lot of trouble or tab out which means you're in even more trouble since we still have everything left. Any good rotation followup after tab with the new lightning draw is gonna decimate people. 2) as mentioned before. Lightning draw hongmoon. This is basically your blade call but instantly from lightning draw itself. The damage is comparable but it's extra if the target is cc'd i think. This means u don't have to perfectly time your 5 sec blade call anymore and can opt for that anti grab one i think. 3) Hongmoon block. I'm not entirely sure but i think on a succesful parry or block you get 5 seconds of CC immunity. during this time window u can be super aggressive. 4) Iframes: As far as i know we get 2 additional iframes which by itself is a pretty big deal. You can notice right now that our iframes are just not cutting it, you always lack that little bit and this will surely help.