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  1. I just....I have no words. Both sexes have costumes that bare skin, so pray tell what's your argument (besides some of the provocative selections for females....if you can even call them that). There are decent outfits for both as well, so you have those options. Also asian port, 'nuff said.
  2. If doing it from imgur right click your pic (after you have uploaded it) and select copy image location, then hit the insert button and choose the url option and crtl+v (paste) it in there and boom done. But a direct link to imgur works just as well
  3. Damn, she didn't skip leg day. Not that the pervy side of me minds though....
  4. Coming from my Civ experience...... must have been Ghandi's doing...
  5. How I imagine some people by now:
  6. Hmmm you should be able to access it via hitting F9, I have no idea why you can't. Have you advanced your story quest at all?
  7. Hit F9 or is F10....ugh I need more coffee.
  8. Heck sometimes I purposely bid rapidly to catch some bidders like Sylvaeril and reap the benefits, they usually learn their lesson halfway through the run. Coming from other mmo's I have played I have learned to deal with the lowest common denominator of people in a fashion that almost shames them into learning their lesson. It also helps to know the relative value of an item being bid on (if it can be sold) and then playing bidders such as sylvaeril like a fiddle. (Anyone familiar with swtor's gf?) Needless to say I gave that game up a long time ago. Always two sid
  9. You know you do have tab, right? Also the reason they tell you to wait is that lvl 20s can vs lvl 45s (that have all their skills and points). Being that KFM is a backloaded class it would behoove you to wait and just level.
  10. "OMG it's done after 1-2 weeks of it being ported"..................................................................... (periods added for effect) Most OWPvP I see is higher levels harassing lower ones, so tell me who wants to deal with that? Crimson is dominant on OMC that's for sure. Went crimson myself because guess what my guild went to that side. And well....the costumes are just plain better on crimson anyway :)
  11. I literally cleared my whole list (as it was full) in roughly 30 seconds. Such burden much wow. (Hovering over the release button and clicking it and hitting Y, rapidly).
  12. I am well aware of that and I agree, but go back to my previous point of "Yes you shouldn't have to do this and whatever else you want to go on about for this situation." Still doesn't take away from what I said. Even if it is a "huge" (omg 1-5min whatever will I do.....) burden you either put it upon yourself to do something about the situation or complain about it enough until it might go away (as people like to do nowadays). A combination of the two is usually good but I more often than not see the latter. Sorry if I sound like a jerk just trying to be
  13. I mean I haven't seen spam for most of the day on OMC so there's that. As for the older ones, just get rid of them until you find one that's still at it, if there are even any at this point in time. Either you spend the time to deal with your list or keep seeing the spam, not my problem. Yes you shouldn't have to do this and whatever else you want to go on about for this situation but it's better than raising hell over a long term problem that they are aware of. Yes I hate it too, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
  14. delete your older ones, should've been banned by now....bandaid on the situation but nonetheless.
  15. lol they have at atleast a third of a chance to get it right :P
  16. I agree with some points in here, but overall most of what I see is lighthearted stuff (but I am on OMC). Personally, I just think people need to grow a thicker skin (feel free to skin me over that, no pun intended). Just saying, and I might need to take a class on this subject, but it's just text on the internet by an anonymous person. It boggles my mind that people let it get to them personally (as most of the arguments nowdays on subjects are just because of this). Yes, I've read my share of news stories about this subject (not related to racism in some respects) and it sti
  17. Having purchased a skin myself I can tell you that you are completely safe in upgrading/evolving your weapon. HOWEVER, if you decide to use another skin you will permanantly lose said skin, so in that respect it is a one time use.
  18. I never get offended by any online forum post, would be silly to do so. My point was that in demeaning others to get a point across does nothing to help your argument, and if you do I most likely respond in kind.
  19. I find it hilarious and refreshing when people throw around white knight and fanboy on a game port that is at most a week old. Also invalidates any arguments you make in my opinion. I wish kids (or kiddish adults) could come up with something better. Also Asuka, I appauld your attempts but I think it's lost on some in here.
  20. Just rng, I got it on my yun on like what....my 5th run through it?....sucks but you'll eventually get it. In asian mmo's I try not to go out of my way to get something as it's a major grindfest (nothing wrong with that).
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