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  1. ...Power to the players

    I believe you can't use the HMCoin to buy costumes in BnS JP though. You can only use that to buy stuff from a special shop in F2 Also there is no currency exchange there, so to actually buy the items from F10 you have to top-up with real money. That being said I do agree that BnS JP has a lot of better perks such as much better optimization, less lag and awesome events :)
  2. Confidence Buff

    It seems that I often get this buff in F8 (or maybe always). Anyone knows what it does and what actually gives this buff?
  3. Question regarding instant dragoncall

    Well you aren't simply standing still as your 3 deals damage per tick, and the damage is quite decent if your opponent(s) is branded. It is definitely beneficial as when you are casting you actually waste 2.5 seconds dealing no damage, while during the 2-3-dragoncall combo you are always doing damage each second. Although the insta-cast one also has 2.5 seconds animation before it actually lands on the enemy, you are free to do other things during that interval (lmb/rmb+f for damage, or 1 if the enemy approach you) When you are at lower level, the instant-cast from the 2-3 combo might seem insignificant since most mobs get either one-shotted by your dc or die during your 2-3 proccess anyways. However, later on you can actually train your 3 so that it resets the cooldown of your dragoncall (and another nuke called wingstorm which you will unlock at level 24) on top of making it insta-cast if you manage to land the last hit. (so you can cast the dc normally , then the 2-3 combo, followed by an extra insta-cast dragoncall) You will also get another skill called leech, which can be triggered by pressing F when the opponent is marked with target/brand. After using this leech you will get a 12-second buff where you can insta-cast your dragoncall and wingstorm. For pvp this insta-cast method might be the better choice as the combo does not require much preparation and is easier to execute (leech has 45 second cooldown though).
  4. Solo low level dungeons

    I had a hell of time with Bokgon too because of those 2 annoying forcemasters who keep respawning (and sometimes the boss resets back to full health too, which is instant defeat for me). In the end I gave up and just f8-ed him to the max. After Bokgon I didn't really have much of a problem in soloing bosses / dungeons (still level 40 though, pretty sure I will struggle later lol), just make sure to time your quell, which might not be easy when you are not used to some bosses rotations. Speccing your ss to snare the enemy and bastion to last 5 hits really help with survivability too. When soloing bosses, I tend to follow this rotation (sometimes I use quell in between too, depends on the boss) : Tab -> Q (taunt for 3 secs) -> Cast Dragoncall-> 2 -> Wingstorm -> 3 (spec to reset dragoncall and wingstorm) -> Insta-cast Dragoncall -> Wingstorm -> SS (snare) -> X (spec to brand enemy) -> Leech -> Insta-cast Dragoncall -> Insta-cast wingstorm -> Bastion, quell, or run around for 5 second -> Repeat. Might not be the best rotation, but it kind of ensures your survival while still doing decent dps.
  5. Dragonhelix vs DragonCall (after volume 2 obtained)

    As a high-ping player I personally prefer dragon call over dragon helix (since you only need to press 4 once per combo). Call (instant-cast one) also kind of gives me more time to block the opponents' attacks using quell, whilst while using the helix build I find myself to be too occupied to spamming 4 most of the time that I don't have time to press 1. Currently I'm still using the normal dragon call without volume 2, and I find the damage to be satisfying in pve.
  6. Gem Hammer

    The 3rd socket is automatically unlocked once you upgrade your weapon to awakened blight. For the 4th socket, it only costs 1 gem hammer an a few copper if your weapon is still awakened blight or below. After that the cost will increase up to 4 gem hammer if I'm not wrong (which is when you reach true profane) So it is highly recommended to unlock the 4th slot before you upgrade your weapon to true blight if you can afford a hammer (the deva weapons will upgrade your hongmoon to true blight)
  7. RMB and its F ability

    If you press LMB after an RMB crit then the F rupture trigger will disappear, as the RMB crit also triggers the LMB Karma skill which resets the F trigger when used. An easier way to not miss your F trigger besides waiting is to spec your RMB to the right-most branch since the Dimensional Salvo skill of that branch only triggers F rupture and not LMB Karma.
  8. This class is a joke.

    Currently still at lvl 24 but really enjoying this class atm ( heard it gets harder after lvl 30, but I hope it doesnt get that hard :p ) Definitely agree that thrall is not that good since it is immobile, would say a summoner's cat is about 2-3x more useful lol. Though, the : Rmb (insta cast right side specced to the max) - Lmb (or X, or wait for 1 sec) - Rmb - F (rupture) combo is very addicting! You are also almost always guaranteed to have enough focus to do that combo too since rupture grants you 3 focus and if your first rmb is a crit, your lmb will trigger mantra which is imo almost as good as doom'n bloom in terms of focus recovery. For dragoncall I actually don't really mind it being a casting skill since the casting animation is pretty dang cool, and heck I love it so much more over the insta-cast animation that I often purposely do the casting ver instead of the latter :)

    Tried to make her look badass, but maybe a little bit too chubby.
  10. Whats the most empty place with warehouse?

    Go to Highland Necropolis.
  11. Low-End PC's Problems and General Complaints

    1) I kind of agree with this, considering that all the classes seems interesting having more default character slots would be great. Limiting it to 2 ,though, helps me to focus on leveling those 2 to the cap. If you want to try out the other classes you can always create another account, which I think is not much different from having all the characters in one account since there is no shared vault / storage in this game (except if you are planning to go premium as it is account-bound), and most items are character-bound anyways. 2) Well premium is premium, it costs people their money so I think they deserve the extra perks lol. 2.5) Currently I'm level 31 and so far I have no serious issue with inventory / vault (free player, have never bought spaces before), except if you are planning to collect all the soul-shields available in game which is kind of pointless . Salvage / sell all your unused weapon & accessories in the auction house for extra cash or feed them to level up your gears, 3) Yup, it's kinda funny how they split the vaults into two without the second one being account-shared (on the contrary it can only store consumables, miscs & costumes). I was really happy when I discovered the 2nd vault though since the extra space is really precious. 4) No kidding this has happened to me a lot of times too (though my loading time is much better than yours, about 10 secs - 45 secs per map ) ,especially in blackram narrows where each map can be done very quickly if you have decent teammates / any high-level player in your team. One solution to this is avoid having lvl 40+ players in your team when doing such dungeons , or ask them to wait for you (which would work sometimes). Last time I was 3 minutes late to the boss stage but luckily my teammates were patient enough to wait for me (I didn't even ask for it, so thanks to them for being considerate!). 5) Most stuff which really matters ( blue rarity and above ) are usually automatically put into bidding so I don't think this is a huge problem. Except if you really love dumplings and want to collect 1000 of em. 6) The winning bid is actually split equally among the other team members which do not win the bid, so if someone of higher level bids very high on an item you would benefit from it by becoming richer. I don't see how this can be a gold sink since you earn money by losing, except if you are trying to win every single bidding that you come across.
  12. Best solo class for PVE?

    Yeah, you can always try summoner if you want some cozy solo gameplay. Personally after switching from bm to summoner, I feel like 10x stronger :p , especially since my fps & ping don't really allow me to unleash combo-oriented classes' full potential.
  13. I need to know if Summoner tank nerf was intentional.

    Well it's now listed under the known issues : Hopefully they will give us more information soon.
  14. Air dash, wall running, and water running

    You will learn those skills as passives as you progress along your main quest. As to how to execute it you just simply : 1. Air dash : Do sprint ( W->W or Shift+W) while gliding. 2. Wall running : not sure haven't learnt it yet, but I think you need to sprint towards a wall lol. 3. Water running : Sprint while standing on water-covered surface.