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  1. Question about servers

    I know this is the US server forum but I have nowhere else to ask, is it possible to download the game from here and play on JP server? I am a returning player from when this game launched, and I would love to return full time for it, but on JP server, can this game do this for me like in for example FFXIV where I pick server regardless of my game region. Also if by any chance someone knows, how populated is this game on JP servers?
  2. And just stuck on there in launcher for 1 minute that takes forever. multiple PC restarts and nope, I hope the solution isn't something along the lines resinstall the game.
  3. Explain to me your ideal MMO experience

    MMOs? Just 1 thing in all honesty, a good, nice community, more importantly nice people who reached endgame than lower level ones.
  4. You sure it didn't go to someone else with same name as your friend but a different person on your server?
  5. Yun Warlock Petition!

    Anything, as long as there's no male Gon summoner cause that'll be animal cruelty...
  6. Need more feminine outfits for males

    If you don't want them don't wear them, simple.
  7. What's happening here??

  8. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Honestly I think the best way is to slow down actually. People who never stop demanding more -and I am not referring to OP or anyone in specific- are the ones who rush the game. Get as far as they can > get bored > demand more contents > rinse and repeat. Look at me, since launch I just hit level 45 and still have so much to do cause I've been focusing on what I enjoy.
  9. Not my character, he was standing close to me.
  10. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Which races can be a warlock?
  11. Female Jin's broken smile <3</3<3
  12. Gender changing

    ITT: Guys stuck in female body. That's really cute :P
  13. Is Roleplay a Thing Around Here?

    1st I hope NCSoft brings much more emotes, will they do that or these are pretty much all the emotes in other versions?
  14. Change bid to dice rolling

    Honestly I don't like the bidding system, but it's much better than many stuff I wondered if they exist or not, like I heard some MMO a boss drops a loot and the fastest player to grab it takes it, was it FFXI? I never played that. Another thing a player with highest damage will have higher chance to get the loot, these stuff are really what I don't wanna see here. So yea maybe bidding system I don't like that, but I won't mind it.