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  1. I assure you its already there, you just are not doing the required process, either you block they block, their in the air, such things like that.
  2. So, what the hell

    Posts like this make me Laugh, all these years of ppl saying its a pve game first with pvp added.... Ya, so this game is heavily pvp with pve. Brings a smile to my face.
  3. So about the Help button...

    Yes I did, I think it may have been a desync or something I dont know, I came back after relog and it still did it, made a post and tried again and was able to progress. BTW i just hit all to get mouse and hit the b&s in corner to hit escape... Hit help and see what it does, Very informative option there...
  4. So about the Help button...

    Erm game let me in.... still fix the damn Help button, its called Help not Store...
  5. Is this a joke? Im trying to find away to contact help in this game, LIKE EVERY OTHER MMO. I go to the the menu and click help..... guess what it brings up..... 4 little boxes.... THAT LINK TO THE INGAME STORE. Get that shit straightened up thats not what a help button is for, now for the reason I need help... walking in Twilight Garden for story quest and im become stuck in the instance door, cant move in or out, can only port out just to run back and get stuck again.
  6. Divebomb

    So, just to be clear, you play this game for one Talent????
  7. Nice ''optimization patch'' luls

    Ok and now for the Cpu? being since this is a MMO that is more so reliant on CPU then GPU unlike all the other games you listed that are gpu heavy games.... Whats your CPU whats your Ram, the amount frequency? What operating system are you on, what going on in the background.... When you are a select few thats having the issue, blaming the game isn't the starting point. Look at the rig, admit that there may be a problem there first.
  8. It's your dime not trying to talk you out of it by any means. I stating that I'm fine where I'm at, and gave you an idea of what system I'm on Also would point out you may want to do some research as certain games that don't multithread have a ceiling for fps. Not familiar with unreal engine, I know hero has this downfall
  9. Debatable if it's entire zone I chug... 10-20 I'm still above 30. I can see that a i5 or i7 would be of great benefit in things like BW raids.
  10. Obiligatory Lyn Male Lover's Show Off Thread.

    I had same issue with imgur. Tinypic worked for me
  11. I'm on an and apu 5800 with a 970 and run the game just fine.. even have videos on youtube.... yes I can record while playing it on that weaksauce processor
  12. Need Feedback....

    So been going into 6mans of E. Supply running on my BD. Im sitting at 38k HP and when I draw stance (which is often) things I hit usually die fast. My dps isnt an issue. I don't die, even on boss fights. Now when ppl leave white items (food or pots) on ground or greens and run off I'll pick them up, and I'm wondering if this is the issue. I usually end up getting kicked without one word said to me.... Came here to see if that possible whats wrong? If these groups could say why they would kick a person so the individual could change something that would be great. Anyways main questions: 1. Picking up random trash that was left, do you kick the person? 2. If not what justifies a Kick in the first place? 3. Do you guys give feedback in the game? or do you just kick with out giving ppl a chance? Input will greatly help my group play, Thanks.
  13. Obiligatory Lyn Male Lover's Show Off Thread.

    My Lyn, Not Stylish but its him.
  14. About the ignore...

    Ncsoft should consider making reporting of gold sellers a temp ignore if they are actually dealing with them, and reserving ignore for the toxic ppl in faction chat. 50 ignores is hard to cover with spammers and toxic players... almost rather see the annoying gold spam.
  15. Solution? SImple

    Ah, customer server. not gonna win either way no matter what you do for them. So you have to have these said items right NOW instead of working the character up and then transfering them to it. Instead you'd rather watch a que timer in hopes that you will be able to log one day. I would reroll and then put in for the transfer and atleast start playing the game and enjoying it. But eh, your choice I suppose.