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  1. so..

    so what is Report Bots button all about? ive been reporting this bot in arena for almost a week still playing and farming arena beans.
  2. of course, they need to release it fast they need more $$$ from players before they quit this game hahahaha
  3. Easiest Class to 45 and farm with?

    scummoner and destroyer - Botters
  4. Why do people hate a decent game?

    dont worry all botters loves this game can bot everywhere arena,csd,misty woods bot everywhere while player struggling to farm gold bots farm it easily hahahah
  5. getting harder? hahaha bots can get 20g dont worry bots will bargain gold for you haha
  6. new content more bots to come hahahah
  7. it takes how many hours just to finish blue dungeons and arena quest? bcoz of this bots? this is another hopeless game new content new bots to come more dungeons more gold HOORAY BOTTERS and Gold sellers!
  8. Well, this is the best MMO ever!

    hahahaha great game for botters and gold sellers hahaha you can get easy gold you can bot everywhere and no action from GM's Great game
  9. LAG AS HELL while the ping is still stable !

    ahahahahah welcome to BNS bot and sold
  10. Day 294: still no party kick.

    haha this game is design for bot bot in arena bot in csd bot in forums just wait for bots doing 4man dungeon hahahah
  11. hahahahaha dont worry it will end soon, this game is good over populated with BOTS haha
  12. Bots Taking Over CSD?

    hahahaha dont worry it will end soon haha
  13. Name: Heldalf Class: KFM Server: Poharan bot all over cross-server/arena 24/7 bot
  14. what to do now?

    bot in arena bot in dungeon lag/delay/dc all over the map hahaha