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  1. How do the Yun reproduce?

    Ok, here's an answer as close to the lore as possible: Short version: Gon males. Long version: Yun descend from Fenghuang, A mythical Asian bird queen, that is usually paired with dragon kings, from which Gons descend. So, Yun probably get it on with Gons to get more Yun.
  2. Careful with the new auto kick feature then
  3. Destroyer is the opposite of slow paced, if you ever seen one ani-cancel you would know it. It's easy to learn but hard to master. They're equally good although my favorite would still be destroyer. So why not make both?
  4. Queue is BS!!!

    Current queue wait time on windrest is 4.4 days. I wish i was kidding.
  5. 17 hours wait time

    It just got better. 4.4 days queue wait time. UPD: it's now 6405 minutes = 106.75 hours = 4.44 days
  6. 17 hours wait time

    My clan and friends are on windrest. And to me premium costs like a week's worth of food. So how about no?
  7. 17 hours wait time

    This isn't cricketing fun anymore. I want whoever came up with that queue system to wait 17 hours before taking a pee and then i want him to tell me how it feels.
  8. Problems starting game

    Yo, guys. Apparently there's some thing with rerouting some of your game traffic over to telia.net, a big ISP that is famous for it's shitty service when it comes to video games. Check a thread down there, where the OP asks why the traffic gets sent over there. I have the same problem all of you have, I checked out if I can connect to telia.net and I cannot. Therefore, I cannot log in, as the game servers don't even know I started the game up. Upd.: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forums/index.php?/topic/144670-router-issues/is the thread i'm talking about.
  9. Router Issues

    Thanks to that thing you found there, I'm unable to play at all, as I cannot seem to be able to connect to telia.net. tracert shows stars, ping doesn't reach. what's even weirder - yes, i cannot ping bladeandsoul.com, but as you may see, i am able to post this here.