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  1. There are problems rendering particle effects, probably drivers, yeah.
  2. Forced to PVP

    game has a lot more selling points than pvp... not everyone is the same as you.
  3. Crit chance

    When you get time, fuse with crafted artisanal moonwater crit SS. You can only get 2 or 3 a day because they arnt cheep... but they give 111 crit fusions MINIMUM and can max stats 7 and 8 for up to +158 crit each. I am sitting on 58% crit for the next couple of days until I can true siren my jewelry. Also, make sure your random stat on your SS is crit... everywhere it can be. My gear gives about 3k crit + 600 base
  4. Upgrade Siren Weapons ?

    bah... 1 and 2 shotting mobs is a lot more fun than chipping them to death. I have 418 attack and love it... Im getting more... ASAP. going 1 to 10 with awakened pirate is a LOT of sacrificial mats... something like 10g if you just use greens. Going 1 to 10 in true pirate... will take more than a day. Dont think of breaking through and evolving as "gaining 1 attack". Really you gain the ability to +10 it... which is 14+ more attack.
  5. windows will track how long packets take to return from the server for the client, you can google how. It isnt in game because the server is SLOW to respond. If you have 50ms latency (I wish: I have like 250) the server takes 100+ms to think about things in addition to that. This is not something NCSOFT wants the average gamer to know... it keeps the monkies quieter in their cage if they arnt aware of server side lag.
  6. why is pigsty more trap than anything else

    inb4 you waste 10 mins "skipping" 5 minutes worth of trash
  7. Mainly to force masters

    daym... I normally tell people who whine when i steal agro "go to the forums and make a whiny post asking FMs to be buffed so they can facetank instead of kiting"... Looks like you got half of it right. Better luck next time.
  8. I have terrible latency (western australia 350ms) and this is what I do: Spec frost, every point in frost except firestorm, which is t3f2 for the 0.5 sec parry. Chug away kiting him and mashing everything as usual, healing with Frost Fury. When he does the flying swords that creates the electric circle on the floor use one left click because his gap closer is coming then hit Tab for firestorm, catch it with the parry. When he stands still and makes a red circle around him use frost armor and sit in it... black dragon is the killer. If it is on CD use frost sheath, failing that use a 10 sec immunity pot or even firestorm. When you get below 60% health force grip him and either sit there for cd's (6 sec) then throw him or just throw him. In fact, force grip and throw (2) him every time he gets close to you. This is a good time to use a health tonic. When he uses Umber turtle whatever: the ice circles on the ground... stop everything and wait for them to appear then use (e) toiframe the freeze/break the freeze. NEVER EVER TAKE YOUR EYES OFF HIM because you have to block EVERY black dragon (there are ususally 3). You can put the 10 sec immunity pot (from the vendor on M6) on your hotbar and mash it... first kill I did... immunity is great even if it is poorly timed, you only need 14s worth for a good attempt: 5 mins fighting is only 10 pots.
  9. What % is your Crit @?

    58% with the awakened pirate weapon and siren accessories, half my bopae is max stats enchanted, all of it has crit (Bloodshade bopae). Hit is 116%. Attack is 418. When I am done with accessories and have maxed weapon I should have ~61% crit and another 3% from weapon proc.
  10. Blackwyrm simply isn't fun!

    well... as a true siren equipped FM with nearly 400 attack I killed him 7 times... did over 3million damage each time... and only once got loot because of bugs, *cricket*ups and general garbage that has nothing to do with doing the fight. I can go for 5 or even 10 mins without dying, on 300+ms latency using the FORCE... and I STILL get nothing. Sorry, 1xchest from 7x kills... I dont do it anymore... endgame open world anything is a waste of time. The GM who answered my ticket told me "dont do this quest" because it is a known problem...
  11. Mushin Lottery | Win in-game money!

    yay, hope you get banned for your scam. ed. missed an r
  12. A Warning To Good Players

    Boo fkn whooooo... I didnt have enough money for my weapon so I made a forum post... If it was worth more to you than to him you would pay more than him for it. Dont expect a handout... door is that way =>
  13. PVE and Survival in End Game

    If your latency is bad (mine is terrible) you just die... and never know why. Have a *hug*!
  14. What made you choose your first class?

    my ping... which is bad... western australia may as well be on the moon. Im a FM and... my playstyle is unconventional so that i can cope. I then chose the Yun, because I like the way the costumes look on them and the shape of their models. My character has to appeal to me or I get bored playing with it.
  15. Level 50 Patch

    2 or 3 new sets of dungeons, hongmoon levels and THEN level 50... dont hold your breath... wont be soon